Ranko’s blog post [26/12/2017]

A (partial) translation of Ranko’s blog post in the fanclub, where she talks about the lyrics she wrote for Ayakashi Yokochou and also comments the album overall.

I generally don’t post stuff about blog posts in the fanclub because they are mostly personal talks: I can understand Butamembers prefer if only fans (and not random passerbies) can read about them. But TC focuses on their music, so here I’m making an exception! Sorry! Also, thanks Draco :flower:


*blabla Merry Christmas!!111, I wrote blog posts since June etc., now I’ll talk about the lyrics I wrote for the new album*


For “Ayakashi Yokochou”, I wrote 3 lyrics.
The Green-Eyed Jealousy arrange “Utsukushii Hito”
The Plain Asia arrange “Tanin no Kao”
The The Lost Emotion arrange “Hitokakera”

I wrote the lyrics for a Parsee song after “Makkuro na Yuki” on Engen Kagura Uta. That was the midboss theme, but I tried to link the lyrics.
That song was Parsee’s viewpoint, this time is the view point of an human.
The temporary title was “Medetashi Medetashi” (めでたしめでたし), but that’s not happy at all. It’s like a truly scary Grimm fairy tale.
She can manipulate the jealousy of her partner and even amplify her power with her own jealousy; it’s really strong but also awfully scary. If you meet such human you are done for…
I really like the theory that Parsee is the Hashihime, at first I thought about writing the lyrics from the viewpoint of an human man who is attracted by Parsee, but I hope I could write them one day.

I wrote the lyrics of a Keine song since “Towa no Maigo” in the first Shoujo Rengoku. Oh, and I exclude a bit “Kogishunjun suru Kashihon’ya” on Suzu no Sorane. Because that’s linked to the Forbidden Scrollery chapter (・∀・)
Towa no Maigo was the humans’ foolish parts viewed from Keine, but this time is KeneMoko. I love KeneMoko. It’s a song from Keine to Mokou.
You know, it feels sad when the strength, the weight and the direction of the thoughts aren’t the same, sometimes such feelings are a fight for nothing and it’s a mutual happy end. I mean, KeneMoko is this for me, so this song should have such feelings as their are moving forward.

I really like this arrange and even after I finished recording it was stuck in my head for a while. It was an hard song, but it’s my favourite.

And now, this is the first time I wrote lyrics for a Kokoro song. Kokoro becomes interestingly cute the more you know about her.
I like the part that Koishi picked up the Mask of Hope she lost and I wanted to write about it, but that will be for another day!
KoiKoko might be a pairing I like, after KoiFlan.
Anyway, I thought it would be lovely that Kokoro becomes human little by little by battling various people and dancing new Noh plays everyday. I arbitrarly made a story within me. I wrote the lyrics with a plenty of hope and I sang them in a gentle mood.

This time we have re-arrangements of “Koi no Yamai” and “Utakata”, songs that I have previously wrote lyrics.
While recalling the feelings of when I wrote the lyrics, I included the current interpretation and I tried to sing them to fit the re-arrange.
I hope you like them.

[in the last part she talks about the songs not written by her: Mesen is typical BUTAOTOME, and reminds her of RAKUEN on Paradise Lost. Inzen is “kayou rock”, it’s good and she feels that she wants to sing the guitar riff and the piano. Dare ni mo Ienai Blues is an unusual song and it was the first time she sang a kayoukyoku song and at first she wasn’t sure about it, but she is happy for the final result.]

*blablabla, other new releases, happy new year*

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