A small announcement regarding Ayakashi Yokochou

Yes, yes. I’m perfectly aware the album is out on dirty sources I won’t name. Yes, yes. Lyrics are up on a Japanese Touhou lyrics wiki as well. However, as I said earlier, I’ll work on it (and revise that post about the lyrics) when I’ll get my copy… and this won’t change at all.

The temptation of listening to it already is strong, but I have better things to do, like playing Pokémon Ultra Sun non-stop I still wait for my copy, even though it will probably arrive on the 15th or below (yay festivities and yay Italian postal services that don’t consign during weekends!!). Personally, I reached a point that I feel bad inside if I illegally download a BUTAOTOME album, for multiple reasons. And I don’t count rips sent by my friends because for those I know where they actually come from and I see it more as “my friend lending me their disc”.

The western Touhou music fandom is all about being “FIRST!!111” and I don’t want to be part of that. However, if you already want to translate the lyrics or what, then who I am to force you to not do it? Just don’t tell me “hey, put your contents up already!!!!111”.

I hope you’ll understand. Now, back to our usual programming. See you tomorrow with the first 2018 setlist!

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