Touhou Garakuta’s live reports – Michiteki Gensou Kayoukai (Chinese live) (BUTAOTOME part only)

The website Touhou Garakuta Soushi posted a two-parts live report for Michiteki Gensou Kayoukai, a Touhou live that was held in Shanghai on December 7 of last year. Here is a translation of the BUTAOTOME part! The original post is here.

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“Utakata” – Japanese fans won’t know the feeling that was “only for them”. – 7th act, BUTAOTOME

The live is not over yet. There is one more circle left. Before the MC talk that connects the intermissions, there was a voice from the crowd calling out the name out of nowhere.

In response to the request, the members entered the stage. From the left, the pianist Paprika, the vocalist Ranko, the performer Ranko no Ane and the bassist Comp were standing by.

Starting with “Gensou no Satellite”, then followed by “Kyoai” and “Solid” without a break. The crowd doesn’t succumb to BUTAOTOME, who hits with the highest speed from the very beginning.

“Kyoai” was BUTAOTOME’s first Touhou arrangement, released in 2009. Of course, it’s an old song, but the excitement rises naturally. Yes, they know BUTAOTOME’s starting point.
“Solid” was released in 2018, and it’s the latest live classic. Even with such a new song, they get excited. Yes, they know the current BUTAOTOME as well.

When the intro of the next song began, the atmosphere of the venue changed completely.

So far, I’ve been seeing a lot of lives of circles of various genres. So I was proud of expressing the live and the crowd.
But I can’t express this crowd. It’s very frustrating and I’m really sorry. It was my first time seeing the crowd, anyway.

Ah, how unfair. Until now, I used to think I was a friend “together with” the Japanese crowd. They had “their exclusive” feeling towards BUTAOTOME. Please tell me why you like this song, and how much you like it. Because there was a relationship between BUTAOTOME and the fans that I didn’t know.

The performed song was “Utakata”.

This song is overwhelmingly popular in China.

However, there was little opportunity to perform it live (actually, before this live, it has been played only one time with just piano and vocals). So maybe there was a feeling of giving up halfway. But after all, they wanted to listen to it live. Chinese fans continued to have such a wish that can be called a dream.

What they are listening to now is “Utakata”, played live.

In response to the feelings of this crowd, BUTAOTOME hit with all they have.

In the outro, the vocalist Ranko sat down on the spot. It was all about doing her best, it was all about hitting our souls. At the end of the song, she bowed down with her hands on her chest, and then she bowed again. It was a form of respect and admiration for liking the song, and BUTAOTOME.

The bassist Comp, after pretending that “Kakoinaki yo wa Ichigo no Tsukikage” was the last song of the day, asked the crowd “Do you like Japan? Do you like Touhou?” They shouted back with a big “We love them!”.

Ah. It’s the same for me. I loved China through WePlay and this live, and I like Touhou as much as the Chinese fans.

At the end of the concert, Ranko sang “shanghai no yoru ni wa uta utai/ singing songs in the night of Shanghai” with the cheers of the venue, and today’s live has ended…

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