My BUTAOTOME Collection

This section is being updated and rewritten.

Welcome to this simple section where I just showcase my BUTAOTOME collection!

I’ve started collecting their albums in September 2012. I don’t live in Japan and I’ve never been there, so most of my stuff comes from online purchases with some of it bought for me by friends.

So, here is the main shelf of my collection, with all the regular discography and non-event limited stuff. Well, there is the Kashiramoji of Songs CD, but it’s there for a reason. Anyway, pretty much all the albums were bought around the time of their release. I don’t have the entire discography, some of them it’s because I simply decided to not own them, so here is a list of what is missing here but I will still get one day:

  • Ese Souretsu Shinan: currently in America with my boyfriend because during the worse time of the pandemic, it was better for me to not get any package (I live with people who can greatly risk from the virus)
  • Touhou Nekokenban 5-9: currently in Canada, deagle bought them for me by surprise!
  • Guerrilla 2: similar reasons as Abyss: sample wasn’t great, didn’t like the Kyoai pandering. But Paprilicious Mirai is the ultimate form of love.
  • Ranko no Ane no Nichijoukei Manga: see ESS