Cold (November 22, 2020)

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Ranko here. Good evening.

It was hot until yesterday, but now it’s suddenly cold again.
Earth, you are seriously wrong in so many ways.
My sister was muttering that if I were a guppy, I’d be dead,
but even for a human being, this temperature difference is usually hard.

So I started exercising after a long time.
I had been exercising quite a bit in April and May, and I was working out for Flowering Night at the beginning of July, but after that, I stopped.
It will be six months soon. How risky.
When I say exercise, I mean running (I did strength training, stretching, and such in September), because if I don’t do it, my cardiorespiratory function goes down. It’s true.
I don’t hate exercising, so I do it a lot when I start, but I have a bad habit to skip too much, and then I can’t continue.
It feels like a shaved one month. I hope the vacant period will be shortened at least〜〜〜〜〜
Living in this era is difficult because you can’t always do what’s best for your body.
But truthfully, I would never exercise if I didn’t sing.
For me, singing keeps my body in shape and writing helps me organize my brain. I like both of them and I think they are both very appealing, so I hope I can do them until I die~ I’m going to do them while taking care of myself for that. What did I want to do when I was taken away by temporary sentiments and passion? Don’t be like that, you’ve got to have faith in it. Because your emotions and yourself are different beings.

I thought so as I watched movies.
I’ve already seen 13 movies this month, so I’m happy to have reached my goal of 10 movies a month.
There’s an app called “Filmarks” where I keep track of the movies I’ve seen. If anyone watches movies, please use it~~~ it’s useful to know which movies are in which streaming service. Maybe search for Ranko or BUTAOTOME and you’ll find my profile. It’s mysteriously marked as official. [Violet’s note: her Filmarks profile is not really a secret because she tweeted her profile multiple times, but anyway]

I also had a crazy hangover after drinking sake since a long time. It was really good, so I don’t regret it. But I won’t drink until the end of the year.

I prefer dry, clean drink tastes to fruity ones, and those are dangerous because you can drink them like water.
It’s all water around here.

Then I read a lot of Hagio Moto at my friend’s house, and it was really good. I was under the illusion that I didn’t like SF because I don’t like spacey or magical things in movies and anime, but I grew up with Hagio Moto and Hoshi Shin’ichi’s works, so it’s not possible for me to dislike SF, right? You know it.
From Hagio Moto’s early works I like 3 tsuki Usagi ga Shuudan de, Kyabetsu hata no Isanzouzoku hito, Kono Musume Urimasu! and more… I like the brightness; and from the middle era, there are Mosaic Rasen, Otherworld Barbara, Iguana Girl…
I like Hanshin, They Were Eleven, Mesh, Silver Triangle, and of course also The Poe Clan and The Heart of Thomas. Otaku are so quick to say “I like them all”, really. [Violet’s note: Italian Wikipedia’s page for this author had more works than the English one because ???]

Then, I want to be overwhelmed by the enormity of the universe, so I always watch videos comparing the size of stars.
I want to be able to observe the light that made Betelgeuse become a supernova.

Well, well.