How to buy from

EDIT November 2018: (not blocked access to people who live outside Japan. This guide will remain here for archival purposes and in case you can use a VPN.

Here is a guide about how to purchase BUTAOTOME albums on Melonbooks’ download store! But first, a couple of notes:
1. and are two different websites. The first has physical stuff, the second is the digital store and it’s actually possible to purchase outside Japan from the latter. Please, don’t mix them up.
2. The quality of Melonbooks rips may vary (check the filesize reported here). Luckily, Butaotome’s albums are in wav with a pdf for the booklet!
3. This guide is written with the mindset of purchasing music on You could use it as reference for buying other kind of things (like doujinshi), but it might not be as helpful in certain cases.

So, let’s start this tutorial! First of all, go to and create an account.

You should receive an email almost instantly (check also the spam folder in case). Click on the long link.

Fill all the fields. Use this to convert your name in katakana.

Review your infos…

The account is done! Login…

Buta’s albums can be found here. Add them to your cart.

Now select your payment method (credit card). With purchases on MelonbooksDL you also get points you can use to pay a biiiiiiiiit your stuff (or even completely pay the item if you gathered enough of them)

Enter your credit card info.

Almost done…

We did it! Now download your purchase and enjoy!