Other live releases

This page tracks down all the physical media that have BUTAOTOME (or any of the members) live performances. Do note that the tracklists listed here only cover the BUTAOTOME/relevant part.

DVDs/CDs with BUTAOTOME live performances

Live date: 2016-07-10
Release date: 2016-12-13
Media type: Blu-ray
1. Machibito wa Kozu.
2. Kakera
3. Radical Shoujo
Notes: Ranko also appears during the premium encore. The special edition includes an extra disc with backstage footage.

maimai x Irodorimidori x CHUNITHM SPECIAL LIVE JAEPO 2016 Super Rare CD
Live date: 2016-02-20
Release date: 2016-02-20
Media type: Data CD
1. Gensou no Satellite
2. Machibito wa Kozu.
3. Kyouen
4. Kakoinaki yo wa Ichigo no Tsukikage (short)
Notes: The CD was given at the same day of the event through a lottery system. Only 500 copies were made.

Flowering Night 2011 Official Live DVD
Live date: 2011-05-14
Release date: 2011-08-13
Media type: DVD
1. Machibito wa Kozu.
2. Panorama Girl
3. Gensou no Satellite
4. Yurara Kamishibai
5. Haruka Tooi Sora no Koe
Notes: while the live was entirely broadcasted on Nicovideo, not every song was included on the DVD.

DVDs/CDs with Ranko live performances

TOSX TOKYO at clubasia
Live date: 2019-06-22
Release date: 2019-08-12 (CD), 2020-03-22 (DVD/Blu-ray)
Media type: CD, DVD, Blu-ray
1. Tairin no Tamashii
2. Sign
3. Uki Yomichi

“Activity” Case:Extra -Storyteller’s Night-
Live date: 2018-10-13
Release date: 2019-05-05
Media type: CD
1. Forgotten Paradise
Notes: Ranko also appears during the song Brandnew Overture.

DVDs/CDs with Comp live performances

Nanase Aikawa 25th Anniversary LIVE MOVIE “ROCK KINGDOM”
Artist: Nanase Aikawa
Live date: 2021-07-07 / 2021-07-31 / 2021-11-07
Release date: 2022-07-07
Media type: DVD, Blu-ray
1. Hakugin no Kaze
And more…
Notes: Comp was the bassist for those lives, so he appears on every song.

Not live related, but listing this here for convenience

Touhou Dance School Vol.10
Artist: DiGiTAL WiNG
Release date: 2015-08-14
Media type: DVD
Notes: This DVD features Ranko no Ane as special guest. It includes a dance video for Kakoinaki yo wa Ichigo no Tsukikage and extra footage with Ane playing with DiGiTAL WiNG members.