Bunny Buddy

Panel 1
Caption: I went to Asahi (in Yamagata Prefecture) to meet Momoiro Usahi
Next to Ane: Meeting at the apple hot spring
Usahi: Have you been in this hot spring?
Next to Usahi: Yahoo
Ane: I’m allergic to fruit
Arrow pointing to Usahi: Spoiled

Panel 2
Usahi: There is a restaurant in town that serves game, so we can eat wild boar, ostrich, and rabbit.
Usahi, handwritten: Some people don’t like it, so I decided to don’t go there today.
Arrow pointing Usahi: Driving
Ane: Oh…
Outside of panel: Game = wild animal meat caught by hunting, etc.

Panel 3
Usahi: Rabbit meat has always been deeply rooted in the Tohoku region. Even during the long winters, they can be raised as long as they’re given hay to eat.
Ane: Really?
Next to Usahi: It seems like they used to raise them in good households in the past
Orange balloon: I’m sorry for interrupting during such an informative conversation, but

Panel 4
Usahi: Rabbit meat, they say, is as light as chicken meat, but has a fatty sinew like pork~
Next to Usahi: I heard it’s delicious~
Orange balloon: Could someone please point out the absurdity of this situation?
Next to Ane: That seems delicious!!
Caption: That night in Asahi ended on a very deep note!
Captions next to Ane and Usahi: Rabbit
Outside of panel: We ate pasta for dinner