Lyrics translations index

A nice index to track down all the songs and albums that have been translated so far.

Full Albums

For a quicker way to find a song (especially in case you don’t know/remember which album it comes from), you may want to use the list of songs or the search bar. This index is here mostly to track down what has been done so far since this is an in-progress project.


Touhou Arrangements

Single Songs (compilation tracks, guest participations, etc.)


Touhou Arrangements

* the other tracks will be translated, but they aren’t a big priority at the moment

Ranko songs by other composers/arrangers

Lyrics (and translations) for Ranko’s songs composed/arranged by someone who is not Comp or Paprika are available on this website only in the following cases:
1. the song comes from albums that are heavily tied to BUTAOTOME (namely: Sadistic Brownie, Kaen Ranzen, Touhou Peace)
2. Ranko wrote them

Songs with non-Ranko vocalists