Opened in September 2020, BUTAOTOME’s Pixiv FANBOX aims to give fans a new way to support the circle.

Pixiv FANBOX is a service similar to Patreon. For a monthly fee, you can access exclusive content from your favorite creators. BUTAOTOME’s FANBOX has two tiers:

Natural Course (500 yen/about 5 euro)
Access to:
– Sisters’ radio (usually updated every Wedsneday)
– behind the scenes stories
– karaoke videos
– voice posts

Maniac Course (1000 yen/about 10 euro)
Access to the posts of the natural tier, as well as:
– Sisters’ audio commentary of old videos
– rare pictures and videos from the past
– karaoke/off vocal audio files
– videos of the members talking with each other

There is plenty of content available for free, including general blog posts about the daily life of the members and occasional posts from the paid tiers.

To pledge, you just need a Pixiv account and a credit card (VISA/Mastercard) or Paypal. The website is entirely in English, so it should be easy to create an account and set up everything.

Tiramisu Cowboy doesn’t repost any photo, video, or blog post that is behind a subscription. It would make them available even for people not really interested in BUTAOTOME, ruining the whole purpose of the FANBOX. The sole exception is translations of blog posts related to the music (for example Ranko talking about the lyrics she wrote for the newest album). Translations of subscribers-only posts will be published a week after their original publication date, and they won’t have media content that is exclusive to them.

Notable FANBOX posts

For a full list of every post in the BUTAOTOME FANBOX, click here.

Free Tier

Natural Tier

Maniac Tier

The Old BUTAOTOME Fanclub (June 2017 – November 2020)

BUTAOTOME’s official mobile site (or fanclub, or fansite though I avoid calling it in this way because there can be only one Butafansite!!!11111) did pretty much the same thing as a Fanbox. For a 378 yen monthly fee, you were able to access exclusive cool content: blog posts, live videos, live pictures, etc. There were also exclusive presales of live tickets and lotteries for winning BUTAOTOME memorabilia.

The Fanclub has been closed in favor of a Fanbox due to the former being harder to manage, as it was made with the major label. As of January 2021, it’s a completely blank page, and all of its content is lost. Now, if only someone did a backup of everything…

Translated Fanclub posts