Upcoming Content

Lyrics Translation

Nearly every song will get a translation at some point, whether by me or someone affiliated with the website. Newly released songs and albums will get a translation as soon as possible.

I translate full albums (excluding re-arranged tracks) and single compilation tracks.

Upcoming lyrics translations

Queue based on responses from March 2022 feedback form.

  2. Touhou Kaiten Mokuba
  3. Long Skirt Panorama Girl
  4. Kansha Kangeki Amearare


  1. Shoujo Rengoku 2
  2. Present
  3. Eight
  4. Epitaph

Other songs that are still missing:

  • Gensou Shinwa
  • Funyanyan Hero & Guruguru Ponpon Daisakusen

Articles/Interviews Translation Queue

  • Comp’s music equipment (2014) (various blog posts)
  • Gensou Mosh Pit Vol.1 (May 2013) (interview + live review)
  • Miscellaneous Fanclub posts (2017-2020) (blog posts)
  • Luxpia (December 2013) (interview)
  • DAM CHANNEL Touhou Karaoke Index (October 2019) (interview)
  • and more…

If an article/interview/etc. gets newly published, it will get absolute top priority and I’ll try to release the translation as soon as possible.
Comic translations are on standby until I find someone who can do the editing part (or I’m in the mood of doing it).

Wanted Content

If you own any of those, please send an email at letterfromafriedworld*gmail.com

Missing Lyrics

Please send me a picture of the relevant booklet page, I won’t accept transcriptions.

  • O.C.N.P (album: 平成最後の僕らのおちんぽ。)

Missing Articles, Interviews etc.

  • Tegami no Katachi wo Shita Yume (手紙の形をした夢) (February 2015) (novel)
  • Gekkayoインターネットミュージック ネット時代の音楽を歌って弾いて創って楽しむ新時代ソングブック vol.2
  • Anything that’s not on this website yet

Reviews and Articles Written by Me

Of course, new releases will get reviews as soon as I get a physical copy. They will follow the 2021 review format. I’m also planning to review some old albums at some point! (hints: 💀 🔔) But first I wanna finish translating every single song.