Upcoming Content

Last update: November 25, 2023.

  • Obake no Sakurazome review + doujin package pseudo-review
  • Something for Paprika’s birthday (December 7)
  • CHILD HOOD’S END re-review (after Christmas)
  • Furubokko re-review (first review of 2024)

  • Fanbook re-review
  • Ane manga translation (to be resumed, not scanlated)
  • BUTAOTOME lost and unreleased media (article rewrite)
  • Nekokenban retrospective part 2
  • Live section update
  • A full list of every single release that has a BUTAOTOME contribution, including reappearing tracks (I have to think about the layout first)
  • New list for goods and freebies (still deciding on the layout) + a post about favorite merch

Lyrics Translation

Currently, every song is translated except for those without an official lyrics source (such as Cannonball or rhythm game songs). Newly released songs and albums will get a translation as soon as possible.

Articles/Interviews Translation Queue

  • Luxpia (December 2013) (interview)
  • DAM CHANNEL Touhou Karaoke Index (October 2019) (interview)
  • Old blog posts?
  • and more…

I’m not in a rush to do any of these, but I can give priority to anything if asked.
If an article/interview/etc. gets newly published, it will get absolute top priority and I’ll try to publish a translation as soon as possible.

Wanted Content

If you own any of those, please send an email to letterfromafriedworld*gmail.com

Missing Lyrics

Please send me a picture of the relevant booklet page, I won’t accept transcriptions.

  • O.C.N.P (album: 平成最後の僕らのおちんぽ。)

Missing Articles, Interviews, etc.

  • Gekkayoインターネットミュージック ネット時代の音楽を歌って弾いて創って楽しむ新時代ソングブック vol.2
  • Anything that’s not on this website yet