Happy Birthday to Comp! (2023) – Let’s talk about BUTAOTOME’s lyrics (Comp edition)

Buon COMPleanno!!!11 to my favorite polar bear and composer! It’s time for the final part of my pseudo-analysis of BUTAOTOME’s lyrics… and we end with the one who pretty much wrote 80%* of the entire vocal catalog: Comp! *not actually calculated, I just put a large percentage number. btw, I have 940 files tagged as BUTAOTOME in my music library,… Read more »

Tiramisu Cowboy’s “Hi, every Buta song is translated” update

You know, ever since COVID happened, I feel like there has been a severe lack of constant news, you probably have noticed that I skipped recaps multiple times. I’m unsure if I’m getting old or if there is truly a lack of exciting news. So… let’s try to write a round-up! Reitaisai went fine, next event is Touhou Meikasai on… Read more »

One Week BUTAOTOME 222: Reitaisai 20 is next week (+ April 2023 doujin package pseudo-review)

I’m considering permanently moving the weekly recap to Sunday… Anyway, April is over, and we have plenty of news! Reitaisai 20 Reitaisai 20 is next week, and BUTAOTOME will bring a best of and more song logo keychains! More info here. Due to the only new release being a best of with zero new content, I’ve already published my review!… Read more »

BUTABEST 5 – review

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Oh, welcome back to the review corner! It’s earlier than usual because, for Reitaisai 20, BUTAOTOME won’t bring anything that’s actually new. Another Best of? For real? I started writing this review on April 14, as soon as I spotted the album in the shops. It’s a best of with no new content*. I can easily review it now, before… Read more »

Reitaisai 20 news

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Reitaisai 20 is on May 7, and BUTAOTOME will bring… nothing new essentially. Their space will be あ23ab. Official website is here. We are getting only one release: BUTABEST 5 (豚BEST5 骨までとろける美味しさ). It covers the albums from Abyss to Kochuuten, but it also includes Ranko no Ane’s design notes! On the merch side, we are getting more logo keychains for Machibito… Read more »

Tiramisu Cowboy’s pre-“normal live” and Reitaisai 20 update

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I’ve replaced my old shelves with some better ones and I’m just happy with how my doujin collection looks (the pictures here focus on the main Buta area), they are finally lined up in a pretty way and there is space for future things (and past things I’m still missing)! This update is mainly to remind you that there is… Read more »

One Week BUTAOTOME 221: the Delicate Tour is over…

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This is a very short update, not a lot of things have happened lately… Well, we got hijacked again by the Kiatsu Corporation, but we managed to kick their ass once again! Website Updates Nothing, but from next week I will go back to work on something… with the end of the Delicate Tour, the Live section needs a nice… Read more »

Delicate Tour in Tokyo – setlist (+ Delicate Tour final stats)

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Thanks to Ark Lucifead as usual! And with this, the Delicate Tour is over! This time they didn’t sacrifice any song from the standard setlist, and made the set a bit longer by adding a couple of songs. Tour is over, so it’s time for some nice stats… Well, they aren’t particularly exciting because they played the same songs in… Read more »



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