Moving forward

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This is a post that comes from my heart. I’m not even sure if I’m able to write everything I want to say. But let’s try. First of all… No. I’m not going to close this website. This is not the end. It’s just that… I decided that I will massively reduce my efforts and activities on it. This means… Read more »

Luxpia [December 2013]

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This magazine was one of the earliest things I ever purchased, and translating the relevant content feels like I’m tying up some loose ends after a long time. Said content is a BUTAOTOME interview, focused on SOUND VOLTEX things, and an exclusive illustration by Ane. You can buy a digital copy on Melonbooks. BUTAOTOMEBUTAOTOME’s Touhou arrangements have been included in… Read more »

Tiramisu Cowboy’s April 2024 update

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Oh, hello? So, Reitaisai is next Friday (new official Hifuu CD hype!) and BUTAOTOME will bring something new, more info here. …Okay, now I want to be completely honest with you – I’m really not excited for this release and I have not preordered it. The concept of “Meiling morning routine” is not exciting in the slightest, and while I… Read more »

Gekkayo internet music vol.1 [October 2011]

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More Gekkayo content! This time I translated this interview-ish thing with ZUN and various people involved in the Touhou music scene (including our Ranko and Comp). It was made around Summer/Fall 2011, so the “latest Touhou game” is Ten Desires and the newest release they are talking about is Oriental Yumekikou. Special thanks to Merami fan for sending me the scans! If… Read more »

Reitaisai 21 release: Happy Chinoiserie

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Reitaisai is next week and… yes, BUTAOTOME will bring yet another book + song. This time it’s about Meiling’s morning routine, with a new Meiji 17 vocal arrangement called Yume wo Misasete (夢を見させて). You can pre-order it on BOOTH. If you go to Reitaisai, you can also buy a sticker set.

Gekkayo – Oriental Yumekikou review and Machibito wa Kozu. music sheet [November 2011]

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Gekkayo was a very old music magazine that had some doujin/internet culture-related content. It’s currently dead, so your only way to get copies is through second-hand shops. The Novemeber 2011 issue had a review of Oriental Yumekikou from Comp and a music sheet for Machibito wa Kozu., and here they are! Special thanks to Merami fan for sending me the… Read more »

Delivering an update…

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So, hello? It’s been a while! The Persona brain rot is going super strong – I’m currently playing 2 (cleared Innocent Sin, so now it’s Eternal Punishment time), and also consuming a lot of extra material related to 5. A certain detective has been living rent-free in my brain, in a way I probably never felt with other characters. Congratulations… Read more »