Delicate Tour in Fukuoka – setlist

Thanks to Ark Lucifead as usual! Standard Delicate selist. This one is identical to the Osaka one with just one song swapped. This time the “victim” is poor Tiramisu Cowboy, sacrificed in favor of a certain song from a Shoujo Rengoku album, a song particularly loved in a certain country… Fun fact: while BUTAOTOME has played in Fukuoka multiple times… Read more »

One Week BUTAOTOME 220: upcoming Spring events and more!

This past week hasn’t been great for me physically and mentally. I still feel sick. Maybe it’s because I talked positively about Touhou Lost Word, even when I still criticized its music (seriously, the music production of that game is not amazing, to put it very lightly. Sorry Comp, but the tracks feel like they are just randomly chosen) Anyway,… Read more »

Tiramisu Cowboy’s beginning of March update

A short update. I’m alive. I’m not working on upcoming articles, and maybe I should. A certain translation is done, but it won’t be published until my birthday. And I’m currently focusing on my personal archives… maybe there will be a Media update soon? Oh, and I’ve created a new page for documenting physical media with BUTAOTOME (and members) live… Read more »

Happy Birthday to Ranko! (2023) – Let’s talk about BUTAOTOME’s lyrics (Ranko edition)

It’s Ranko’s birthday!! Happy birthday to her!! 💜💜 Here we have the second part of my “Let’s talk about BUTAOTOME’s lyrics” post, and… wow. Ranko is my favorite lyrics writer among BUTAOTOME, and I really enjoy translating her lyrics (when translating a full album, I typically start with the songs written by her). While her writing style is usually quite… Read more »

One Week BUTAOTOME 219: original albums on streaming services!

Website updates I’ve updated the upcoming content page… and that’s all. Still focusing on Ranko’s birthday post… I originally wanted to publish the Best review on my birthday, but plans have changed…! BUTAOTOME news The most important news of the month is that the original albums are finally available on streaming services! There are available on Spotify and various other… Read more »

Delicate Tour in Osaka – setlist

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The Delicate tour finally kicked off today! Special thanks to Ark Lucifead for his usual job of posting the setlist before the officials! :laughs: No live debut from Houkiboshi or any album that still doesn’t have a song played live, but we still have two live debuts (one is the tour song, and the other is a song from an… Read more »

One Week BUTAOTOME 218: A normal live, originals on Melonbooks, etc.

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Website updates So I’ve published two articles… the first one is the Houkiboshi review. Nothing to add, I guess. The second one is Ane’s birthday post. This year’s birthday posts will be dedicated to lyrics talks! Next article… huh. I wanted to publish the original Best review, but due to my current state of mind, it’s highly likely I will… Read more »

Happy Birthday to Ranko no Ane! (2023) – Let’s talk about BUTAOTOME’s lyrics (Ane edition)

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Happy birthday to our favorite dancing bunny, the artist behind all the cool BUTAOTOME covers and designs! …so. I originally didn’t plan to do anything special for this year’s birthdays, last year’s posts were made to celebrate my 10th anniversary. However, two weeks before Ane’s birthday, I got this idea, so I decided to focus on it. “Let’s talk about… Read more »