Happy Birthday to Ranko no Ane! (2023) – Let’s talk about BUTAOTOME’s lyrics (Ane edition)

Happy birthday to our favorite dancing bunny, the artist behind all the cool BUTAOTOME covers and designs! …so. I originally didn’t plan to do anything special for this year’s birthdays, last year’s posts were made to celebrate my 10th anniversary. However, two weeks before Ane’s birthday, I got this idea, so I decided to focus on it. “Let’s talk about… Read more »

Houkiboshi – review

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I wanted Best to get the first review of the year, but due to stuff, Houkiboshi gets the spotlight. Don’t worry, the original best will eventually get the love it deserves! (maybe sometime next month, in between the sis’ birthdays?) A journey to meet the gods deep in the mountains of Japan, lured by a white demon.Midwinter Touhou vocal arrangements… Read more »

One Week BUTAOTOME 217: Houkiboshi and Best are here! Delicate tour merch, etc.

Wow, we have a new update finally! Website updates I got my C101 stuff last week, and I can finally bring you the lyrics and translations for all the new songs! They are all up to each song pages.HoukiboshiBest I’ve also updated the Fanbox page. It now has an index of the posts I consider interesting (mainly those related to… Read more »

Tiramisu Cowboy’s “waiting for my C101 stuff to arrive” update

Mostly an update to tell you that I’m alive, and working on stuff. My sense of time has been fucked up by the recent festivities, and I need to manage my projects better. Also, my package with Buta’s C101 stuff is finally in Italy! Time for the longest weekend ever… :kuroedeadinside: Oh, and happy Friday the 13th, I guess. I… Read more »

“About Juushin” [Fanbox blog post, 28/12/2022]

Original post (free) Well, better late than never! Ranko here. It’s the end of the year.I’m going to talk about Juushin. I’m sorry…… for saying I’ll do it again and again and now it’s the end of the year. I also apologize in advance for all the text. For this album, we did the recording process a little earlier than… Read more »

One Week BUTAOTOME 216: post-Comiket 101 update, digital sales on BOOTH, plans for the new year, and more!

Welcome to the year of the rabbit! So, let’s start with a recap of all the news from the past two weeks… Post-Comiket 101 update! Another winter, another Comiket comes and goes… BUTAOTOME’s new releases are on sale on their BOOTH and all the best doujin shops. All the relevant links are listed on their respective pages: Houkiboshi | Best…. Read more »

Chess – 10th anniversary review

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Welcome to the final post of 2022!This year was my 10th anniversary as a BUTAOTOME fan, and to end this celebration in grand style, I’ve decided to review an album that is extremely important to me, and that turns 10 today. “What is your favorite BUTAOTOME album?”This question returns from the Kyou ga Saigo no Ichinichi 5th anniversary review. I… Read more »

Houkiboshi and Best – pre-release commentary

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Taking a break from the end-of-the-year review to write this! I will also include a couple of translated bits from the latest Ane post. Let’s start with Houkiboshi, the new Touhou album! Snow… Japan and snow… I thought about what makes the most coherent and strong impression on me.My greatest impression of “snow” is Kenji Miyazawa’s “The Morning of Last… Read more »

Comiket 101 news + 2023 tour!

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Comiket 101’s Touhou day will be on December 31, and BUTAOTOME will bring two new releases to their space 西あ22a! The first is the usual Touhou vocal album: Houkiboshi (彗, comet). It features 8 tracks, including the songs from the Hakuma EP and two re-arranges! The second is the Original Best of called… Best (ベスト). A meaty selection of 17… Read more »

One Week BUTAOTOME 215: Comiket 101 announcement is this weekend, English subs, and more…

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C101 announcement BUTAOTOME will have big announcements on Sunday 18 at 4:00 CET!! They will announce the new releases for Comiket 101, as well as stuff for next year! The two new albums are already up for pre-order on various doujin shops. As usual, I won’t publish any news post until the official announcement. However, if you can’t wait and… Read more »