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Delivering an update…

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So, hello? It’s been a while! The Persona brain rot is going super strong – I’m currently playing 2 (cleared Innocent Sin, so now it’s Eternal Punishment time), and also consuming a lot of extra material related to 5. A certain detective has been living rent-free in my brain, in a way I probably never felt with other characters. Congratulations… Read more »

New original songs: Narase and Jareta Te

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Yes, we have not one, but TWO new original songs! Their titles are Narase (ナラセ) and Jareta Te (戯れた手). The single is out on various streaming services. Check the links on its Tunecore page! If it’s not available yet, wait until it’s February 1st in your country or use a VPN. The description mentions that it’s a “pre-release single”, so… Read more »

Comiket 103 news!

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Comiket 103’s Touhou day will be on December 31, and BUTAOTOME will bring something new to their space 西あ01a! The only actual album of the year is Itoyuyushi (いとゆゆし). It’s a Perfect Cherry Blossom + Ghostly Field Club 20th anniversary work. It features 7 tracks, including the songs from the storybooks that were released earlier this year and two re-arranges!… Read more »

Comiket 103, Switzerland live, and Comp’s adventures…

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Hiiii! How are you guys? The Indigo Disk DLC for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet has been released and I’ve already finished it… Currently waiting for a friend to trade the last Paradoxes I need to complete the Blueberry Dex.Oh, and I will finally do my passport request on December 27th! Wish me luck! C103 announcement BUTAOTOME’s C103 release is done,… Read more »


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Another surprise live announcement! The true first live of 2024 is gonna be a two man live with the duo DooDooDooMiuMiuMiu. January 27 at Tokyo’s Aoyama RizM! Tickets will be sold on eplus starting from November 18.

A pre-Autumnal Reitaisai 10 update + Utau Namahousou nostalgia

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Oh, hello! I have been super super depressed and demotivated lately, but now I feel better. I may come back to write articles after Reitaisai, but right now I have some other priorities. Last week I published a review for Acoustic Gakkyokushuu 1 and 2, so give it a read if you are interested! Utau Namahousou 10th anniversary On this… Read more »