Comiket 103 news!

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Comiket 103’s Touhou day will be on December 31, and BUTAOTOME will bring something new to their space 西あ01a!

The only actual album of the year is Itoyuyushi (いとゆゆし). It’s a Perfect Cherry Blossom + Ghostly Field Club 20th anniversary work. It features 7 tracks, including the songs from the storybooks that were released earlier this year and two re-arranges!

  1. ミエルモノ | Mieru Mono [Inishie no Meikaidera]
  2. どんとはれ | Dontohare [Kako no Hana ~ Fairy of Flower]
  3. たましい遊び | Tamashii Asobi [Mahou Shoujo Juujigun]
  4. 2分19秒 | 2fun 19byou [Gensou no Eiensai]
  5. 生きる[いとゆゆしver.] | Ikiru (Itoyuyushi ver.) [Yoru no Denderano wo Iku]
  6. 風が吹いたら | Kaze ga Fuitara [Sakura Sakura ~ Japanize Dream…]
  7. 春の雪[いとゆゆしver.] | Haru no Yuki (Itoyuyushi ver.) [Mukau no Kyou ~ Deep Mountain]

The official website (with XFD) is here. The album is available to pre-order on BUTAOTOME’s BOOTH and doujin shops such as MelonBooks and Toranoana.
The event-only freebie is a glasses cloth with the album cover.

We are also getting a limited collab single with IRON ATTACK!. Spring Bloom is an arrangement of Sakura Sakura ~ Japanize Dream… + Tenkuu no Hana no Miyako. Arranged by IRON-CHINO and with vocals by Ranko, Minusiyon and Soh. Minusiyon also wrote the lyrics and made the artwork. How is this a “BUTAOTOME collab”? Because Comp did the mastering and Ane the design!!! There is the contribution of other members so it’s not like your average Ranko guest track!!!!! Anyway, XFD is here. The single includes the song, its off vocal version, and a talk track with Ranko and Minusiyon.

The Pink tour also got an actual artwork!