• Major Albums – original releases published under the Avex label
  • Original Albums – original releases published before the major debut
  • Touhou Vocal Albums – Butaotome’s main type of work. Currently, this section has 42 albums
  • Touhou Instrumental Albums – the Touhou Nekokenban (literally: Eastern Cat Piano) series
  • Rearrangement Albums – acoustic remakes, piano instrumental versions, etc.
  • Compilation Albums – collections of old tracks (note that only the first BUTABEST, Omatome, Riverside Parade and Present contain tracks from compilations/other circles’ albums)
  • Collaborations – collaboration albums with other circles and artists
  • SoloBUTA-R – Ranko’s solo project, where she sings tracks arranged by other artists
  • feat. DJ Comp and MC Paprika / Pap & Comp – Paprika and Comp singing
  • Other – album that doesn’t fit in any of the above categories
  • DVDs – PV collections, live DVDs
  • Books – the fanbook, photobooks, etc.
  • Miscellaneous – limited releases, goods, songs’ usage, guest stuff (including individual participations), etc.

Major Albums

Original Albums

Touhou Vocal Albums

Touhou Instrumental Albums

Rearrangement Albums

Compilation Albums



feat. DJ Comp and MC Paprika / Pap & Comp





Individual guest participations (click on the icons)