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Tiramisu Cowboy’s YouTube Channel
Check out the YouTube channel for live videos from concerts and the old weekly streaming!

BUTAOTOME Utau Namahousou (2013-2017) [audio-only]

BUTAOTOME Utau Namahousou was BUTAOTOME’s weekly livestream. Here you can find recordings of every performed song, divided into two “seasons”. There’s only audio due to my limited means at the time, but you can find plenty of videos on Tiramisu Cowboy’s YouTube channel linked above.

Season 1 (2013-11-07 – 2016-05-18)

Featuring all four members.
Every week, they performed two songs (usually a Touhou arrangement and an original song) in a short acoustic version, in a similar style to the rearrangements in Acoustic Gakkyokushuu.

Download (check the notes.txt file for a list of songs and some notes)

Season 2 (2016-06-01 – 2017-05-17) [Paprika’s Piano Corner]

Featuring Comp, Paprika, and Green Screen (+ Ane behind the scenes).
Every week, a vocal album was picked and a quick poll on was created. The most voted song would have been played by Paprika the week after in a short piano instrumental version, along with another song chosen by the cat herself from the same album. You can check the results of each poll here. All the main Touhou vocal albums up until Paradise Lost were covered in chronological order, plus the five original albums in between. This corner also served as the basis for Neko no Anmin DISC.

Download (check the list.txt file for a list of songs and some notes)

Kimi no Corner

The Kimi no Corner (君のコーナー) was a little section of Butaotome Utau Namahousou. In this corner, Comp sang random things and Paprika played the piano. These improvisations were always called “Kimi no…” (Your…). This corner gained a lot of success among fans, to the point Butaotome dedicated some livestreams entirely to the Kimi nos and released some homemade CDs at minor events. I’ve selected some of the best Kimi nos and they are here!


Live concerts (audio)

Recorded from the official streamings. Cover arts are created by me by using official art. (or a picture from the Butablog in the case of the acoustic live)

Utau Namahousou SP Live (Acoustic live) [2014-04-05, Shimokitazawa cafe KICK]
1. Panorama
2. Fuwari kakusei
3. Mamorubeki mono
4. Itami honpo
5. Hajime no ippo
6. Medley (Kyouen – Machibito wa kozu. – Kakoinaki yo wa ichigo no tsukikage)
7. Minna no
8. Y
9. Mihatenu yume no tsudzuki wo
10. Kudaranai hibi
11. Usotsuki
12. Circus
13. Sharekoube
Notes: the live itself had lots of audio problems. I tried my best to fix them, but there are still some in Hajime no Ippo and the medley.


Recordings of Butaotome’s appearances on Japanese radio! Please note that the broadcasted songs have been cut away from the audio files where possible.

Ooya Shizuka no Enkatsu! | 10/08/2015
Topics: self-introduction, the upcoming (at the time) Kashiramoji of songs lives.
Broadcasted songs: Moumokuteki Kansoubun, Akai Bucket, Saru, Gensou no Satellite
Download (pass: saruuuu)

Fanmade piano sheets

Made by NC. This section includes sheets for instrumental piano songs as well as for piano arrangements of vocal songs.

  • The fear is oneself (from Touhou Kaiten Mokuba) [msczpdfmid]
  • Utsurou Kokoro (from Touhou Nekokenban) [msczpdf]
  • Sawareru Yume (from CHILD HOOD’S END) [msczpdfmid]
  • Fusoku Hokou (from Trauma Recorder) [msczpdfmid]
  • Arifureta Inochi (from Kochuuten) [msczpdfmid]

Medley recreations

Unofficial studio recreations of live medleys.

  • Jump Otome [Ondeko no Namida → Hakanaki Mono Ningen → Y]
  • Uta Matsuri [Kyoai → Shikaban Hyakkiyakou Emaki → Hakanaki Mono Ningen]
  • Gohoukoku [The fear is oneself → Yume janai Nanika → Koi no Yamai]