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What is the “Kimi no Corner”?
The Kimi no Corner (君のコーナー) is a little section of the regular Butaotome Utau Namahousou. In this corner, Comp sings random things and Paprika plays the piano. These improvisations are always called “Kimi no…” (Your…). This corner gained a lot of success among fans, at the point Butaotome dedicated some livestreams entirely to the Kimi nos and released some homemade cds at minor events. I’ve selected some of the best Kimi nos and they are here!
1. Kimi no Dinosaur (君のダイナソー) – 13/08/2014
2. Kimi no Radio (君のラジオ) – 12/02/2014
3. Kimi no Interview, Hihifuu (君のインタビュー、ヒッヒッフー) – 30/09/2015
4. Kimi no A kara Z to (君のAからZと) – 23/04/2014
5. Kimi no Sharpen (君のシャーペン) – 09/04/2014
6. Kimi no Hysteric (君のヒステリック) – 25/02/2015
7. Kimi no Horror cocktail, Gaybarii (???) (君のホラーカクテル・ゲイバリィ) – 06/08/2014
8. Kimi no Toilet (君のトイレ) – 08/07/2015
EX. Kimi no Hadaka (君の裸) – 07/11/2013 [the very first Kimi no!]