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If you want to contact me for (almost) any reason, you can use one of the following contacts:
– Email: letterfromafriedworld*
– Twitter [Personal | Website]
Discord server (my tag is Violet#9251)


This is a special alley in the World of BUTAOTOME that brings you to other worlds. Or, if we want to write it in a more rational way, this is a space dedicated to blogs and websites of my friends. Each one of them helped me somehow with this website (with translation checks, tips, etc.) and we shared many moments together. These are my special thanks to them.

Foreground Noises [Shion] (lyrics translations, etc.)
He walks the paths of shoegaze and Gaki, and is also a fellow Touhou nerd.

Mirror of Paranoia [Jaefine] (lyrics translations, etc.)
Primary and Roselia are her food, Foreground Eclipse and good music games are her soul.
Also, the one who introduced me to good Touhou vocals. It’s her fault, yes.

Plate Storm [Quwanti] (lyrics translations, etc.)
My best Piggy friend.

Yuzu Juice translations (doujinshi translations)
A good fan of RD-Sounds and a consumer of visual novels.