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Professional BUTAOTOME fangirl. All too familiar with Touhou and its arrangement world. Low-level amateur translator (IT/EN/JP).

Obake no Sakurazome – review

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“Every day is like a continuation of a dreamIf I can have a bit of fun, that’s all that matters” Yeeee, welcome back to the review corner!!! I have to say, when this book was first announced, I wasn’t particularly excited. A Yuyuko-centered story reminded me of Epitaph, an album I really don’t hold in high regard. The statement of… Read more »

Tiramisu Cowboy’s end-of-November 2023 update

I can finally take a break from translating Magia Record stuff (I’m super invested in the scene 0 storyline they have been releasing recently) and do stuff for this website! My copy of Obake no Sakurazome is still traveling, but I’m working on several new reviews… The upcoming content page has been updated! I’ve also done some minor updates, like… Read more »

A pre-Autumnal Reitaisai 10 update + Utau Namahousou nostalgia

Oh, hello! I have been super super depressed and demotivated lately, but now I feel better. I may come back to write articles after Reitaisai, but right now I have some other priorities. Last week I published a review for Acoustic Gakkyokushuu 1 and 2, so give it a read if you are interested! Utau Namahousou 10th anniversary On this… Read more »

Autumnal Reitaisai release: Obake no Sakurazome

Autumnal Reitaisai is next week and BUTAOTOME will bring something new?!?!? “Obake no Sakurazome” (おばけのさくらぞめ) is yet another book with a song. This time it tells a story about Yuyuko and Youmu and it will be a light-hearted one that children can also enjoy. Written by Ranko with art by her Sis, full color, 20 pages. The new song is… Read more »

Acoustic Gakkyokushuu (1 and 2) – review

This article was originally meant to be a celebration for the 10th anniversary of a certain thing. However, as I was writing it, I decided to put some things in a separated post that I will publish next week. So, for today, you are going to get a pure and simple review, that rescues some old notes and drafts I… Read more »

BUTAOTOME 15th anniversary tour – Pink

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They dropped this announcement 3 hours ago without pre-announcement… We have dates for Pink, the 15th anniversary tour. February 10: Osaka RuidoFebruary 11: Nagoya CLUB ZIONMarch 2: Sapporo SOUND CRUEMarch 23: Sendai ROCKATERIAMarch 24: Niigata CLUB RIVERSTApril 6: Fukuoka Hakata Drum sonApril 20: Tokyo Aoyama RizM Tickets will be on sale on eplus on October 28

September 2023 doujin packages pseudo-review

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Ooooh, welcome back to this relaxed review corner! This time we have the stuff I ordered during C102 and the Kyoto Hifuu event… For the Kyoto Hifuu stuff, I asked an extremely good and honest soul (the same one I asked last year for that same event) to buy things for me. So, let’s start with the Buta stuff! First… Read more »

Kouroumu, live news, and ???

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First of all, give some positive thoughts to my Kyoto Hifuu package. Although this time it was shipped with the faster EMS option, I still didn’t receive it. Please don’t be lost in the abyss, there is very rare merch inside, and also new friends! *checks the tracking right before publishing this post* Oh, it finally arrived in Italy! Gotta… Read more »