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Touhou Garakuta’s interviews – Touhou Girls Otaku Talk (Ranko, Hotaru Murasaki, Sakiko)

Original This is an interview with Ranko, Hotaru Murasaki (EastNewSound), and Sakiko (Watashi Kisama, Girls Logic Observatory) that was posted on the website Touhou Garakuta Soushi last week. The three of them talked about a variety of topics related to Touhou: how they got into it, how they started singing Touhou arrangements, and so on, but also things about the… Read more »

Touhou Garakuta’s live reports – Flowering Night 2020 (BUTAOTOME part only)

The website Touhou Garakuta Soushi is posting a multi-part review of Flowering Night 2020 from last month. Here is a translation of the BUTAOTOME part! The original post is here. Do not repost this translation without permission.

Avex Portal interview [15/03/2017]

Original link This is an interview that was published around Furubokko’s release. It’s more light-hearted than the usual, as it was done in a dog café (so there are a lot of pics of the four Butamembers playing with dogs). There are some of the usual topics we’ve already heard in almost every interview (like the obligatory circle formation stuff… Read more »

Sound Designer interview [December 2017]

An old interview with Comp from the magazines I bought specifically for BUTAOTOME articles. Now it has been finally translated! This has been challenging since some specific words are used and I know absolutely nothing about music-making, recording, and that kind of stuff. But it was fun to research them, and I hope it’s clear to read. Sound Designer was… Read more »

Rolling Stone Japan interview [15/03/2017]

This interview was published on Rolling Stone Japan’s website around Furubokko’s release. It was sitting in my backlog for too much time, just like 95% of BUTAOTOME interviews. Now, here it is! Main topics are the usual formation stuff, how the major debut impacted the Pig and how things changed over the course of the years, some production stuff about… Read more »

Antinomy of Common Themes, part 0 – Introduction

One of the most fun things with Touhou songs is that you can do pretty much anything you want with the same theme, and have fun doing different things with each one of ZUN (and Uni Akiyama)’s compositions. And over the years, BUTAOTOME managed to make arrangements of 90% of the Touhou themes. There are some themes the Pig never… Read more »

Ranko’s “for every like I will tweet about a song I usually listen to” (May 2019)

On a sleepless night, Ranko decided to do one of those “for every like I will tweet about something” hashtags. She tweeted 44 songs. Since most of them are Japanese non-doujin music, I thought it was interesting to translate!You can find the original thread here.

Touhou Garakuta’s live reports – Michiteki Gensou Kayoukai (Chinese live) (BUTAOTOME part only)

The website Touhou Garakuta Soushi posted a two-parts live report for Michiteki Gensou Kayoukai, a Touhou live that was held in Shanghai on December 7 of last year. Here is a translation of the BUTAOTOME part! The original post is here. Do not repost this translation without permission.

Touhou Nekokenban 19 – commentary by Paprika (fanclub blog post, 31/12/2019)

Original post (accessible only from mobile and if you have a BUTAOTOME fanclub subscription) Sorry for the late! Here is a translation of Paprika’s commentary about Nekokenban 19! The original post had a bunch of pictures, but I removed them due to my usual policy about fanclub posts, as well as the related description. However, this post is perfectly readable… Read more »

Woman Insight interview (March 10, 2016)

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Original article Due to me feeling sick, I decided to focus on some translations instead of finishing a certain rank(o)ing (will I be able to finish it before the end of the year?). I went back through my interview backlog and found this one. For some context, this short interview was made around the time of the BUTAOTOME Fanbook release… Read more »