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Juushin – pre-release commentary

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New BUTAOTOME album, new pre-release commentary! Album page Juushin. Beast god. To start off, I wanna tell you that this title can be accurately translated into Italian as “dio bestia”. :a_wild_cannarsi_appeared: If it wasn’t for the fact that I dislike profanities, I would eternally refer to the album with this name. This album is centered on greed, and “the obsession… Read more »

100mannin no Heikou Hifuu – pre-release commentary

Oooooh, welcome to this new pre-review! After 2 years, a physical Comiket is finally happening, and BUTAOTOME is going to release their smallest album ever. An Hifuu-only album consisting of two new songs and two new versions of old tracks. This C99 is gonna have some very good Hifuu stuff, with a new ZUN CD and also the upcoming Diao… Read more »

Touhou Danmaku Kagura – an honest review

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…by someone who is playing the game! This is a review I started writing yesterday. I just felt like talking more in-depth about this long-awaited Touhou game on Tiramisu Cowboy! Touhou Danmaku Kagura (in short, DanKagu) is a mobile rhythm game developed and published by Unknown X (a supergroup consisting of AQUASTYLE, DeNA, and xeen). Like a lot of other… Read more »

Kochuuten – pre-release commentary

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Before starting, I want to tell you that this post is divided into two parts. The first one is a rant about how I am disappointed that a certain theme is not in the album, and you are free to skip it (I admit myself it’s pretty stupid), the second one is the proper analysis. Prepare yourself, because it’s a… Read more »

How I do evaluate BUTAOTOME albums + upcoming reviews

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After losing my soul on Touhou Cannonball’s latest event (there is a new Pig instrumental, woohoo!), and dissing on the newly released Touhou Lost Word because it doesn’t work on my phone as well as 50 android emulators and most of its music is not new/made for the game (the BUTAOTOME tracks are basically random Nekokenban songs), I finally have… Read more »

My feelings about Paprika’s goodbye and a pre-release commentary of Shoujo Rengoku 5

So, my original plan was a plain Shoujo Rengoku 5 commentary in the similar vein of the one I wrote for Ese Souretsu Shinan. But a piece of sad news overshadowed the new albums. Paprika will leave BUTAOTOME this year. You can read her translated message about this here. It’s news that greatly shocked me, and I’m still shocked now…. Read more »

Ese Souretsu Shinan: pre-release comments

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A post I just wanted to write. I’m very hyped about this album, and I think the last time I was genuinely excited about a BUTAOTOME vocal release was with Trauma Recorder. Or Daihinmin. Anyway! So, why am I so excited about Ese Souretsu Shinan? Well, because BUTAOTOME VIOLET DETECTOR IS REAL, the curse has ended, yahoo!!!!11 Okay, there are… Read more »

BUTAOTOME 2018 live stats

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Aaaaand here we are. We didn’t get any live this month, so I could have posted them much earlier, but anyway. As usual, bold is for the most played songs (Touhou, original), while italic is for the songs that got their first live performance during this year.

[COSTANTLY UPDATED] BUTAOTOME’s Hifuu songs – the revised edition

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Tomorrow is Kagaku Seiki no Café Terrace, also known as “Kyoto Hifuu”! I decided to remake an old post. As the title (and the previous post) say, this is a list of all of BUTAOTOME’s Hifuu arrangements. It also includes instrumental tracks and remixed versions! Last update: April 23, 2022. Full albums Kouseki Radio Folie à deux FREAKS sachlichNote: Ranko… Read more »

Romaji pickiness – trying to fix mistakes

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I’m back from my holiday! I bring you Munmun Manman’s full lyrics page thanks to Jordi and now I can finally work on some stuff I missed! Today I want to talk about romanized titles on non-Japanese shops. Now that BUTAOTOME’s Touhou discography is on iTunes and Google Play, we can read some “official” romanizations for their music. I always… Read more »