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Touhou Nekokenban retrospective – part 1

So, welcome to this new series of reviews that I hope I will finish! I already announced it a while ago, and since I was in a mood of writing a review but had a few ideas, I did a poll on the Discord server. This one won. But I decided to post it today because it’s the 10th anniversary… Read more »

Shoujo Rengoku 5 – review

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Welcome back to the usual review corner! This time we’ll talk about just the newest vocal album: as I said in a previous post, any talk about Nekokenban 20 will be reserved for the final part of the Nekokenban retrospective. But now leeeet’s goooo… Like last time, my copy of the album is not here with me. So here is… Read more »

Antinomy of Common Themes, part 0 – Introduction

One of the most fun things with Touhou songs is that you can do pretty much anything you want with the same theme, and have fun doing different things with each one of ZUN (and Uni Akiyama)’s compositions. And over the years, BUTAOTOME managed to make arrangements of 90% of the Touhou themes. There are some themes the Pig never… Read more »

Ese Souretsu Shinan – review

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Welcome back to the usual review corner! Wow, when was the last time the review title had one single album? So, as I mentioned in a previous news post, I don’t have my physical copy with me. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, I decided to ship my order to my boyfriend Scott in America. We will probably do the same… Read more »

BUTAOTOME’s C97 review

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I’m very late, but here we are, with the usual review corner! This time we’ll talk about three albums and a book, even though the picture shows only two albums. Let’s go! Magic Lantern BUTAOTOME ends their 2019 with an album that probably surprised a lot of people in a couple of ways. I think we were all expecting at… Read more »

Touhou Garakuta’s CD reviews – Epitaph

The website Touhou Garakuta published a review of Epitaph as part of their weekly review feature! You can read the original text here. A small note before the translation starts: if you remember my review of this album you probably know this, but my opinion of Epitaph is the exact opposite of the one of this review. Different strokes for… Read more »

BUTAOTOME’s Comiket 96 (+ some future stuff) review

Ooooh, welcome back to the review corner! It took more than a month, but I can finally talk about the latest creative input from BUTAOTOME! Please make yourself comfortable because we have lots of bacon here! The past week has been filled with exciting BUTAOTOME stuff that I still can’t believe. Before that week, I was complaining (mostly on the… Read more »

BUTAOTOME Reitaisai 16 review

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And here we are, with the usual review corner! We have 3 new albums and two guest tracks, let’s take a look on all of them! Epitaph BUTAOTOME’s main release for this Reitaisai is yet another album based on a single Touhou game, and with a title that wouldn’t sound out of place in a Sally release. This time there… Read more »