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Itoyuyushi – review

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Wewh, finally I can bring you this review! Ghostly Field Club & Perfect Cherry Blossom 20th anniversary album featuring the songs “Dontohare” and “Kaze ga Fuitara” from our picture book series. You may want to read the pre-release commentary for some more context. Concept There is really nothing else to say, it’s a Perfect Cherry Blossom + Ghostly Field Club… Read more »

Happy Birthday to Ranko no Ane! (2024) – top 5 album cover/designs

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Happy birthday to the best pink bunny! This year’s birthday posts won’t have a specific theme that is common to everyone, but they will be still about something that is related to the celebrated member. I think one of the strongest points of BUTAOTOME is how they have their own illustrator. Ane has a recognizable style, but she can be… Read more »

November 2023 doujin package pseudo-review

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Welcome back to what I call “the simpler review corner!” Since I already published a news post today, I could have just waited until tomorrow before publishing this… But I wanted this post to be published on this specific day. Only one small package for today. I have tons of packages incoming, but due to the season, nothing has arrived… Read more »

Itoyuyushi – pre-release commentary

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Wohooo! It’s been more than a year since my last pre-release commentary! What do we have this time…? Itoyuyushi is an album made to celebrate Ghostly Field Club and Perfect Cherry Blossom’s 20th anniversary, so all the tracks come from those two works (mainly the former). It’s a not a very exciting concept – it feels like the Pig didn’t… Read more »

Shiroi Asa – Paprika’s best song

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So… in the last review I did mention my dislike of Epitaph. I wanted to elaborate on it in either post and make a pseudo re-review, but I kept rewriting my thoughts and I didn’t really know where they could fit. It’s one of those topics where I feel like I can only spread salt with my opinions, and talking… Read more »

Obake no Sakurazome – review

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“Every day is like a continuation of a dreamIf I can have a bit of fun, that’s all that matters” Yeeee, welcome back to the review corner!!! I have to say, when this book was first announced, I wasn’t particularly excited. A Yuyuko-centered story reminded me of Epitaph, an album I really don’t hold in high regard. The statement of… Read more »

Acoustic Gakkyokushuu (1 and 2) – review

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This article was originally meant to be a celebration for the 10th anniversary of a certain thing. However, as I was writing it, I decided to put some things in a separated post that I will publish next week. So, for today, you are going to get a pure and simple review, that rescues some old notes and drafts I… Read more »

September 2023 doujin packages pseudo-review

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Ooooh, welcome back to this relaxed review corner! This time we have the stuff I ordered during C102 and the Kyoto Hifuu event… For the Kyoto Hifuu stuff, I asked an extremely good and honest soul (the same one I asked last year for that same event) to buy things for me. So, let’s start with the Buta stuff! First… Read more »

Oshira Asobi – review

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“Was ignorance my sin? Is this my punishment?Everything goes according to the heart of godsIt’s a childlike play” After a whole month of waiting, I finally have my copy of Oshira Asobi, BUTAOTOME’s C102 release! This time we have a book with a song. Ane mentioned that they wanted to do something like that at least once… and it was… Read more »

August 2023 doujin package pseudo-review

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I originally wanted to write this one along with the C102 package review. However, it still hasn’t arrived, so here we have this new post. Please send positive thoughts, so maybe it will be recovered from the abyss. Or maybe I should do a FELT reference that is not Lost in the Abyss. So, the contents of this package come… Read more »