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BUTABEST 5 – review

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Oh, welcome back to the review corner! It’s earlier than usual because, for Reitaisai 20, BUTAOTOME won’t bring anything that’s actually new. Another Best of? For real? I started writing this review on April 14, as soon as I spotted the album in the shops. It’s a best of with no new content*. I can easily review it now, before… Read more »

Best – review

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Better late than never, I guess! This review will have a format similar to the one I used for my scrapped Ura Best review. Beyond Touhou Touhou is not everything that revolves around the doujin world. Or the world in general. We are all humans, and our interests shift over time. Of course, sometimes they just remain the same. In… Read more »

Houkiboshi – review

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I wanted Best to get the first review of the year, but due to stuff, Houkiboshi gets the spotlight. Don’t worry, the original best will eventually get the love it deserves! (maybe sometime next month, in between the sis’ birthdays?) A journey to meet the gods deep in the mountains of Japan, lured by a white demon.Midwinter Touhou vocal arrangements… Read more »

Chess – 10th anniversary review

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Welcome to the final post of 2022!This year was my 10th anniversary as a BUTAOTOME fan, and to end this celebration in grand style, I’ve decided to review an album that is extremely important to me, and that turns 10 today. “What is your favorite BUTAOTOME album?”This question returns from the Kyou ga Saigo no Ichinichi 5th anniversary review. I… Read more »

Houkiboshi and Best – pre-release commentary

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Taking a break from the end-of-the-year review to write this! I will also include a couple of translated bits from the latest Ane post. Let’s start with Houkiboshi, the new Touhou album! Snow… Japan and snow… I thought about what makes the most coherent and strong impression on me.My greatest impression of “snow” is Kenji Miyazawa’s “The Morning of Last… Read more »

Hakuma EP (and more?) – review

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“There are so many endless worriesSettlement and deliverance are far awayMaitreya has not come yet” New release, new review! Wow, when was the last time BUTAOTOME gave us something actually new on an autumnal event? :checks: the Memorial Disc of Yuusei Hakurankai in 2018. But if we exclude event-limited remixes, then… Itanshinmon in 2013, holy sheep. Either way, I guess… Read more »

Itanshinmon – review

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I wanted to talk about this old album for a very, very, long time. And now, here it’s its review, with the “2021 format” you have seen in recent reviews! A peek into the depths of the heretical girls, and you’ll find decadence.A sweet and fetishistic Touhou full vocal album. Nobody expected the BUTAOTOME Inquisition! …okay, let’s start for real…. Read more »

Juushin – review

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And welcome back to the usual review corner! Everything revolves around greed and economy, even if it is not human. A Touhou vocal arrangement album covered in the obsession of the powerful ones who rule the place. Concept Juushin is about greed. We have characters who are greed incarnate, those who are related to things like money and economy, or… Read more »

BUTAOTOME’s Reimu and Marisa songs

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So, this post was sitting in my drafts since at least August 2019, and I finally decided to resume it now. Just to have something done while I’m still writing the Juushin review! Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame are two of the most recurring characters in BUTAOTOME’s works, almost on par with the Hifuu Club people. It’s not hard to… Read more »

100mannin no Heikou Hifuu – review

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Welcome back to our usual review corner! This time my copy of the new album is stuck in America because wooo, shipments from Japan to Italy are blocked again. However, for the usual CD pic, I decided to ask people in TC’s Discord server to take their own pic of the EP. Maybe these are TC Crews from other worlds…… Read more »