Shiroi Asa – Paprika’s best song

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So… in the last review I did mention my dislike of Epitaph. I wanted to elaborate on it in either post and make a pseudo re-review, but I kept rewriting my thoughts and I didn’t really know where they could fit. It’s one of those topics where I feel like I can only spread salt with my opinions, and talking about it… honestly stressed me.

However, I do believe every album has something positive. Even Epitaph has songs I love, such as Ego. And there is one song I want to talk about and give the spotlight it deserves. Why did I choose today of all days? Because it’s arranged by Paprika, and today is her birthday.

7. Shiroi Asa
“I watch the cherry blossom tree that won’t bloom.
I wait for someone who cannot be seen.
I live a life that shall not be lived.”

I’ve already mentioned that Shiroi Asa was my favorite Paprika lyrics, but it’s not just that. Tied with Yokoshima na Honoo, this song is also my favorite Paprika-arranged song of all time.
Shiroi Asa is simply beautiful. It doesn’t even sound like a typical Pap song, and the hyper-overused Necro-Fantasia is arranged in such a good way that doesn’t even use its generic refrain. Ranko’s voice is also at her best. I also have a soft spot for songs with a book end where the intro is reprised.

The theme of this year’s birthday was lyrics, and (conveniently?) there isn’t much to say about Paprika’s lyrics. She wrote exactly 9 lyrics from 2018 to 2019, and her style was pretty simple, with basic headcanons. Shiroi Asa’s lyrics are just perfect, depicting Yukari’s fragile side and her feelings for Yuyuko – a friend the gap youkai saw in her worst moments, and now is living (uh…) her afterlife, not knowing about the sad past.

By the way, there is a painting by Kaii Higashiyama with the same name as this song. If I have to compare this painting to the song and its lyrics, I’d say that the bird is Yuyuko – the only vivid and colorful element in the snowy and silent landscape.

This was the extra episode of the “Let’s talk about BUTAOTOME’s lyrics” series. It was pretty fun to write! In case you missed the previous 3 posts:

Back in August, the sisters specifically mentioned this series when talking about the website (around 22:45)… I guess that means they were probably good posts…

I think writing special posts might become a new tradition for every BUTAOTOME member’s birthday. The issue is that it’s really hard to find a topic where I can talk about every member singularly. I do have an idea for next year, but I’m still quite unsure about it… (there is also a chance I will be on holiday around the time Ane’s birthday happens, so I have to plan ahead!)