August 2023 doujin package pseudo-review

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I originally wanted to write this one along with the C102 package review. However, it still hasn’t arrived, so here we have this new post. Please send positive thoughts, so maybe it will be recovered from the abyss. Or maybe I should do a FELT reference that is not Lost in the Abyss.

So, the contents of this package come from Surugaya. They had a free shipping campaign last month so I decided to grab some stuff. Although they forced me ENS shipping and had to pay custom fees, so it’s like there was no free shipping anyway LOL (reminder: surugaya is a second-hand shop, so it’s not recommended to buy from there if you want to support circles. But if someone wants some rarities…)

Hey, it’s the full set of Music Room singles! They were all available and cheap, so why not? I’m pretty sure their scent is gone… Anyway, all these singles got re-released on Majotachi no Ongakushitsu, and you can read my review of that album here.

UNDEAD CORPORATION’s Complete Box and their Kancolle album. With these two, my Buta UC collection is finally complete! (no full collection pic because my boyfriend has Otogizoushi)
I originally didn’t want to get the Complete Box, but since it was pretty cheap, I decided to buy it. Karakurenai Ranko ver, my beloved.
The Kancolle album is the only time I will ever buy something Kancolle. I much prefer Azur Lane for my shipgirl needs (ironically, I’ve bought a chibi acrylic stand of Javelin with this order – she is not one of my top favorites, but she was my starter ship. She now guards my shelf with other albums!).

A collection of Touhou fanfictions written by Goch. The Sis did art for one of the stories (Bottomless Swamp)… which I already have through ExEientei’s Hifuu Horror collab book+CD. But I decided to get it anyway because I liked the cover. The fics featured mostly come from collab books and are mainly about the Hifuu Club (including one from a Rin toshite Shigure-inspired work), but there are also stories about other characters, including one based on Diao ye zong’s be your shield (from this Diao ye zong tribute collab*), and one about Nazrin and Sanae (from a Nazrin x main characters collab).

*speaking of Diao ye zong tribute books… I think I should get that one since it has Ane art… But I admit I’m more interested in this one.

Now, for some of the non-Buta-related things…

Random Joon keychain from one of those Atre x Touhou collabs, I think. I didn’t have any Joon merch, and I needed something. The next post will be about her, by the way.

poprication’s anthology, featuring their works from 2012 to 2015. I admit I got this one mainly for the Hifuu comics, but I like ReiMari (thanks Ranko lmao), and poprication is one of the Big Circles for ReiMari stuff! I like the size of this book – it’s not pocket-sized but it’s pretty easy to put it in your bag and have a good read during a small trip.
You know, I am an editor on THBWiki and although my main task is music albums and lyrics, I add doujinshi from time to time. When it comes to Touhou fanworks, I’m into music first and foremost, and most of my Touhou possessions are music-related. But I do read some comics, and there are some works I really love. I usually don’t buy doujinshi unless they have some relation to Buta or Diao ye zong, but I really should buy some more and support this other scene! And possibly not through second-hand shops!

Now, what’s next… well, other than the C102, I’m currently waiting for the Kyoto Hifuu merch! One extremely good soul managed to get them for me! I’ve also ordered a couple more dolls from Ruzi, so it will take a while!