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Hakuma EP (and more?) – review

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“There are so many endless worriesSettlement and deliverance are far awayMaitreya has not come yet” New release, new review! Wow, when was the last time BUTAOTOME gave us something actually new on an autumnal event? :checks: the Memorial Disc of Yuusei Hakurankai in 2018. But if we exclude event-limited remixes, then… Itanshinmon in 2013, holy sheep. Either way, I guess… Read more »

Itanshinmon – review

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I wanted to talk about this old album for a very, very, long time. And now, here it’s its review, with the “2021 format” you have seen in recent reviews! A peek into the depths of the heretical girls, and you’ll find decadence.A sweet and fetishistic Touhou full vocal album. Nobody expected the BUTAOTOME Inquisition! …okay, let’s start for real…. Read more »

Juushin – review

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And welcome back to the usual review corner! Everything revolves around greed and economy, even if it is not human. A Touhou vocal arrangement album covered in the obsession of the powerful ones who rule the place. Concept Juushin is about greed. We have characters who are greed incarnate, those who are related to things like money and economy, or… Read more »

BUTAOTOME’s Reimu and Marisa songs

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So, this post was sitting in my drafts since at least August 2019, and I finally decided to resume it now. Just to have something done while I’m still writing the Juushin review! Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame are two of the most recurring characters in BUTAOTOME’s works, almost on par with the Hifuu Club people. It’s not hard to… Read more »

100mannin no Heikou Hifuu – review

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Welcome back to our usual review corner! This time my copy of the new album is stuck in America because wooo, shipments from Japan to Italy are blocked again. However, for the usual CD pic, I decided to ask people in TC’s Discord server to take their own pic of the EP. Maybe these are TC Crews from other worlds…… Read more »

Touhou Danmaku Kagura – an honest review

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…by someone who is playing the game! This is a review I started writing yesterday. I just felt like talking more in-depth about this long-awaited Touhou game on Tiramisu Cowboy! Touhou Danmaku Kagura (in short, DanKagu) is a mobile rhythm game developed and published by Unknown X (a supergroup consisting of AQUASTYLE, DeNA, and xeen). Like a lot of other… Read more »

Kochuuten – review

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I apologize for delaying this review so much, but here we are! It’s finally time to talk about BUTAOTOME’s first 2021 release and the introduction to their new era! A Touhou full vocal arrangement album for humans enchanted by the paradise, unraveling the lore of Dolls in Pseudo Paradise! Concept Kochuuten is based on ZUN’s first CD, Dolls in Pseudo… Read more »

Kyou ga Saigo no Ichinichi – 5th anniversary re-review

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Welcome to… a special review! I think this is the first time I decided to re-review an album. There have been albums I reviewed in a second moment, but I never wrote a proper second review. This post will also introduce a new format that will be used for future reviews (including the Kochuuten one that will be published later… Read more »

Hakidasu Aka – PV Analysis

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My original plan was to publish this with the Kochuuten review, but due to some stuff, the review will be delayed. So have only this analysis for today. I was also originally planning to publish the Italian translations of Kochuuten songs along with the review, but I’ve decided to make them public now. They are in the usual section. Anyway,… Read more »

Kochuuten – pre-release commentary

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Before starting, I want to tell you that this post is divided into two parts. The first one is a rant about how I am disappointed that a certain theme is not in the album, and you are free to skip it (I admit myself it’s pretty stupid), the second one is the proper analysis. Prepare yourself, because it’s a… Read more »