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Hakuma EP (and more?) – review

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“There are so many endless worriesSettlement and deliverance are far awayMaitreya has not come yet” New release, new review! Wow, when was the last time BUTAOTOME gave us something actually new on an autumnal event? :checks: the Memorial Disc of Yuusei Hakurankai in 2018. But if we exclude event-limited remixes, then… Itanshinmon in 2013, holy sheep. Either way, I guess… Read more »

Tiramisu Cowboy’s post-Autumnal Reitaisai update (holiday time for Violet!)

Autumnal Reitaisai went fine! BUTAOTOME has released a new single for this event, Hakuma.EP! You can purchase it on their BOOTH.I have transcribed and translated the two new songs, but I will publish them tomorrow since I still haven’t listened to them. In the meantime, their pages have been updated with the sample previews and Ranko’s comments from her latest… Read more »

Autumnal Reitaisai 9 release: Hakuma EP

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Autumnal Reitaisai 9 is on October 23, and we’ll have something small, but new from BUTAOTOME! Hakuma EP (白魔.EP) is a Nanatsuishi Wolves-themed single with two new tracks and their off-vocal versions. 白魔 | Hakuma [Gensou no White Traveler] 月のかけら | Tsuki no Kakera [Nanatsuishi no Ookami, Kumo wo Tori ni Kakeru] 白魔 [off vocal] | Hakuma [off vocal] 月のかけら… Read more »