Autumnal Reitaisai 9 release: Hakuma EP

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Autumnal Reitaisai 9 is on October 23, and we’ll have something small, but new from BUTAOTOME! Hakuma EP (白魔.EP) is a Nanatsuishi Wolves-themed single with two new tracks and their off-vocal versions.

  1. 白魔 | Hakuma [Gensou no White Traveler]
  2. 月のかけら | Tsuki no Kakera [Nanatsuishi no Ookami, Kumo wo Tori ni Kakeru]
  3. 白魔 [off vocal] | Hakuma [off vocal]
  4. 月のかけら [off vocal] | Tsuki no Kakera [off vocal]

The official website is here. You can pre-order it only on BUTAOTOME’s BOOTH. It will also include an album art sticker. In addition. the Anata ni wa Miete DL Card is also available!