Tiramisu Cowboy’s post-Autumnal Reitaisai update (holiday time for Violet!)

Autumnal Reitaisai went fine! BUTAOTOME has released a new single for this event, Hakuma.EP! You can purchase it on their BOOTH.
I have transcribed and translated the two new songs, but I will publish them tomorrow since I still haven’t listened to them. In the meantime, their pages have been updated with the sample previews and Ranko’s comments from her latest Fanbox post!

For other Buta news, a new rhythm game recently got some of their Touhou songs! Gensou no Satellite and Hakanaki Mono Ningen are part of Sixtar Gate: STARTRAIL’s first Touhou DLC. The game is available on Steam.

From tomorrow until November 5, I will be on holiday with my boyfriend, so there won’t be any major updates here during that period of time (besides fully publishing the Hakuma.EP songs)! See you then!

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