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Kochuuten – review

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I apologize for delaying this review so much, but here we are! It’s finally time to talk about BUTAOTOME’s first 2021 release and the introduction to their new era! A Touhou full vocal arrangement album for humans enchanted by the paradise, unraveling the lore of Dolls in Pseudo Paradise! Concept Kochuuten is based on ZUN’s first CD, Dolls in Pseudo… Read more »

Hakidasu Aka – PV Analysis

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My original plan was to publish this with the Kochuuten review, but due to some stuff, the review will be delayed. So have only this analysis for today. I was also originally planning to publish the Italian translations of Kochuuten songs along with the review, but I’ve decided to make them public now. They are in the usual section. Anyway,… Read more »

One Week BUTAOTOME 177: Kochuuten, rhythm games, etc.

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Inspired by Comp’s recent Instagram posts. I wanted to take a picture outside, but right now we are in orange zone. So hope you enjoy this indoor camping picture! Reitaisai 18 The event is this weekend, and BUTAOTOME will release a new album! Kochuuten is available to preorder on their BOOTH and the cool doujin shops such as Melonbooks and… Read more »

Kochuuten – pre-release commentary

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Before starting, I want to tell you that this post is divided into two parts. The first one is a rant about how I am disappointed that a certain theme is not in the album, and you are free to skip it (I admit myself it’s pretty stupid), the second one is the proper analysis. Prepare yourself, because it’s a… Read more »

Kochuuten and new pass holders

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And here we are, with the first release of BUTAOTOME’s new era! Kochuuten (壺中天) is an album fully devoted to Dolls in Pseudo Paradise and all its tracks are arrangements of themes from that album. The official website is here. The crossfade video also features lyrics! Ranko wrote most of them, Comp wrote only one track… and Ane’s lyrics are… Read more »