One Week BUTAOTOME 177: Kochuuten, rhythm games, etc.

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Inspired by Comp’s recent Instagram posts. I wanted to take a picture outside, but right now we are in orange zone. So hope you enjoy this indoor camping picture!

Reitaisai 18

The event is this weekend, and BUTAOTOME will release a new album! Kochuuten is available to preorder on their BOOTH and the cool doujin shops such as Melonbooks and Toranoana! Check the TC page for all the info, tracklist, XFD, and buy links!

If you order from BUTAOTOME’s BOOTH, you can also purchase some pass/ticket holders with the arts from the album.

I’m quite excited about the new album, and I wrote a whole pre-release commentary about it. Give it a read if you are interested!

Also, the sisters published on Fanbox for free an audio commentary. I was planning to publish a summary but ended up scrapping it for various reasons. I will incorporate the interesting bits in the full album review!

Website updates

I’ve updated the upcoming content page (I should link it somewhere) with a list of songs I’m currently working on. Their pages will be updated following the new song page format, and I’ll add a translation provided by either me or a close collaborator. I hope I’ll be able to finish at least half album before Kochuuten is out. I also accept requests/suggestions. I prefer to do full albums and single songs from compilation albums.

Oh, and I’ve added an index for Italian translation, because I just want to do them sometimes.

Rhythm game news

A new DLC pack is out now on the Switch version of Groove Coaster! It features Heisei Kaisei Dottenshan! It’s currently available only in the Japanese version, but if you have you can still purchase it if you have a JP eShop account… or just wait warmly, it shouldn’t take too much time!

Tomorrow a new maimai update (called “DX Splash Plus”) will hit the Japanese arcades, with new songs… including Lost Word Chronicle.

And that’s all for this week!