Kochuuten and new pass holders

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And here we are, with the first release of BUTAOTOME’s new era!

Kochuuten (壺中天) is an album fully devoted to Dolls in Pseudo Paradise and all its tracks are arrangements of themes from that album. The official website is here. The crossfade video also features lyrics! Ranko wrote most of them, Comp wrote only one track… and Ane’s lyrics are back!!

  1. ekadanpi/慧可断臂 [Touhou Kaikidan]
  2. 偽善者 | Gizensha [Reincarnation]
  3. HARI HARUHARI [Soratobu Miko no Fushigi na Mainichi]
  4. 正直者Aの独白 | Shoujiki mono A no Dokuhaku [Hourai Densetsu]
  5. 吐き出す垢 | Hakidasu Aka [Meiji Juunananen no Shanghai Alice]
  6. 既知の外 | Kichi no Soto [U.N. Owen wa Kanojo na no ka?]
  7. 食虫花 | Shokuchuuka [Ouka no Koidzuka ~ Japanese Flower]
  8. ありふれた命 | Arifureta Inochi [Circus Reverie]

It will be released on March 21 at Reitaisai (Buta’s space is A13ab). Preorders on BOOTH and doujin shops (Toranoana) have started.

These two pass holders will be sold exclusively at Reitaisai and on BOOTH [Reimu ver | Cover girl ver] Width 70mm, Height 105mm