One Week BUTAOTOME 176: Reitaisai 18 and more!

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“I think we should relisten to this album to prepare ourselves…”

BUTAOTOME’s Reitaisai 18 release is done!

It will be officially revealed on Friday, March 12 (hey, my birthday!), at 12:00 CEST.
It will be distributed on March 21st at Shizuoka Twin Messe, but will be also sold on BOOTH and all the cool doujin shops.

Ane posted info about it in this blog post. Here is a short summary of the relevant bits:

  • There will be a new album and goods.
  • She worked on this album as if she was making a derivative work for the first time
  • She wrote two lyrics. The last time we got Ane lyrics was in 2012, with Carnelian and Tanzanite from Kouseki Radio!

The bunny is also teasing the release by posting the art she did for it: they are the girls from Dolls in Pseudo Paradise!!

The album is already up on Toranoana, so if you want to ruin your surprise, you know where to go.
TC won’t publish any news about it until Friday, out of respect for Buta’s planned reveal date!

However, I’ve already started to work on the pre-release commentary. I already have a lot to say about this album. Look forward to it during the weekend!

The Party Box series is back?!

Melonbooks will release a new compilation for this Reitaisai! It’s a new entry of the Touhou Party Box series, and it will consist mainly of remixes of old tracks from previous albums. Buta contributed with a “3P Remix” of Mou Nidoto Uragiranai. At the moment there is no XFD, just the Melonbooks preorder page.

Website updates

First of all, the “About this website” section of the About page has been renewed. I made it more clear, detailing the purpose of this website and other stuff. I’ve also added a link to a new section, my BUTAOTOME Dream Diary!
Secondly, I’ve finally started the new project of renewing the song pages. You can see the new format with Kanzen My Way and Shoujo Rengoku 5‘s new songs pages. Over time, I’ll update all the songs, and I’ll add translations to all of them (if not most of them). Requests/suggestions about what should be prioritized are accepted. Don’t worry about future songs, they’ll be translated as soon a possible, starting from the upcoming album!

And that’s all for this week!!

…oh right, Bad Apple BUTAOTOME version will be playable on ONGEKI starting tomorrow.