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One Week BUTAOTOME 155: various TC updates, Touhou Sky Arena Steam is out now!

“I fell asleep like I was passing out. When I woke up, August was dead and it was September. Where did my August go!?!?!?!?!?” Ranko, 2020 Chibi Ranko is following her big self’s footsteps and learning Korean. Chibi Muse needs something to fill the void left in her heart after finishing “best anime ever”. Chibi adventures aside, as you saw… Read more »

One Week BUTAOTOME 152: Yume no Hanashi (Touhou Meikasai 14 release) + Tiramisu Cowboy’s 5th anniversary party

Last weekend there was the usual MiniComp show, also known as Touhou no Uta. This time guests were Alstroemeria Records members, and Bad Apple singer nomico sang Soldi and Kyouen! You can (re)watch it here. Touhou Meikasai 14 releaseToday Ranko finally announced the small release that will be distributed this Sunday (August 9) at Meikasai in Nagoya! The title is… Read more »

One Week BUTAOTOME 146: no more lives with Paprika (oh, and new TC layout!)

Tiramisu Cowboy just got a new look! It was something I planned as part of the fifth-anniversary celebration. However, while I was fixing some pages, I was particularly unhappy with the layout, and I decided it was time. I hope you enjoy it! I and the Crew are currently trying to fix some bugs, so wait warmly. BUTAOTOME members have… Read more »

What happened to “Rank(o)ing every BUTAOTOME vocal album from worst to best”?

So, welcome to this unusual update! Now, let’s go to the title of this post. The series is not dead, no worries! Buuuut… I will put it on hiatus. For now. I have been filled with so much stuff to do for the website that sometimes I just feel drowned by my backlog. For me, writing opinions and reviews is… Read more »

Welcome to Tiramisu Cowboy 3.0!

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And finally, I’m proud to open to public the new Tiramisu Cowboy website! This time I bought a web space and I transferred most of the website content over here. The news section is managed with WordPress. I still need to fix some things, but at the current state the website can be considered accessible. Also, please report if there… Read more »