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Tiramisu Cowboy’s “Hi, every Buta song is translated” update

You know, ever since COVID happened, I feel like there has been a severe lack of constant news, you probably have noticed that I skipped recaps multiple times. I’m unsure if I’m getting old or if there is truly a lack of exciting news. So… let’s try to write a round-up! Reitaisai went fine, next event is Touhou Meikasai on… Read more »



This website is now called Night of Nights because that’s the only Buta-Otome song that matters. We don’t care if you are interested in info about some weird and obscure song, you will be immediately redirected to Night of Nights. Just Night of Nights. Greetings from the Kiatsu Corporation!!

Tiramisu Cowboy – seven years

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Another year of activity has passed. And today, this website turns seven years old. A certain doctor once said that “seven is the maximum measure of anything” (okay, this is a reference that only Italian people will get). But it doesn’t really apply to a music group whose most albums have eight tracks. Well, usually in this type of post… Read more »

Tiramisu Cowboy’s end-of-winter update

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Every time I learn a word that starts with “comp”, I have this need of making a dumb pun with Comp’s name. So… We just need your COMPliance. …okay, let’s move on. I’m writing this update to publish the results of the translation form! Shoujo Rengoku Daifugou / Goku Jitsu wa Sensai na Anata to… Touhou Kaiten Mokuba / Long… Read more »

Tiramisu Cowboy’s February 2022 update

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First of all, HAPPY ELDEN RING RELEASE DAY! I won’t play it (my boyfriend is the From Software fan here, but I’ve been watching him play and I sang Yokoshima na Honoo every time he died, I will listen to the OST and explore the lore), but it’s amazing to see that a long-awaited game is finally here, and that… Read more »

End of 2021

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And here we are, with the last post of 2021. A year that was pretty much an extension of 2020. Covid is still ruining our lives, so there was a lack in activity. Not a lot of new music, and the few live concerts are still live-streamed. Here are some nice stats: Touhou songs: 15 (including the 3p remix and… Read more »

Tiramisu Cowboy’s end of September update

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Uh, hello!I’m back from a forced, offline holiday. Last Sunday there was the worst thunderstorm I ever experienced, and my modem died. Without it, I was completely unable to access the internet. So, while waiting for a replacement, I decided to do stuff that didn’t require internet. Such as playing Pokémon Shield in the good old way where my only… Read more »

Tiramisu Cowboy – six years

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Today, this simple fansite dedicated to a simple doujin circle reaches six years of activities. I have to admit I haven’t prepared anything special for today. I realized the anniversary was coming like, a week ago, but I was too busy fighting procrastination and translating. But 6 is a pretty damn impressive number, isn’t it? Thank you for supporting Tiramisu… Read more »

One Week BUTAOTOME 182: Ranko’s wedding, Kochuuten in digital stores and more!

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Ranko’s wedding As reported last weekend, Ranko got married! Her husband is the rapper Shibafu. I, and all the Tiramisu Cowboy crew, congratulate the couple and wish them all the best for their future! In Ane’s latest free Fanbox post, we learn some more details. It was fun to rent Club Città for a small group of people (since it’s… Read more »

An update

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This is yet another lacking period of news. But instead of writing “no weekly recap today” on Twitter, I just want to write this small update on the website. Mostly to show that I’m still alive, and working every day on this website. The only BUTAOTOME-related news I bring you today is that COMIC1 BS Festival Special will be on… Read more »