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Welcome to Tiramisu Cowboy 3.0!

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And finally, I’m proud to open to public the new Tiramisu Cowboy website! This time I bought a web space and I transferred most of the website content over here. The news section is managed with WordPress. I still need to fix some things, but at the current state the website can be considered accessible. Also, please report if there… Read more »

Tiramisu Cowboy – three years

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Today Tiramisu Cowboy celebrates its 3rd year of activity. I don’t think it’s a big achievment like anything with a 5 or a 0 in the end, but it’s still something. Looking back at what I have done, I realized how this website is pretty much a way of expressing myself. 3 years ago I created this website as a… Read more »

End of the year post

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Recommended BGM: Shunshuu, final track of Giji Kazoku Nyuumon (even if it’s maybe a bit out of season). And another year is ending. It was a very important year for BUTAOTOME, with their major debut!! But what about this website? Looking back to what I have done for it, I can see how much I improved the contents: I wrote… Read more »

Donations are on

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I thought about this since a lot of time, mostly due to my situation. And today I finally decided to make this step. On the left sidebar, you can now see a donation button. If you like this site and my work on it, you are free to send me a small donation! It’s up to you. And now let’s… Read more »

Tiramisu Cowboy – two years

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Everybody’s favourite mascottes, the TC Crew: Chibi Muse, Chibi Ranko and Buta the round pig. The cake is a “Genoa cake”. And today, Tiramisu Cowboy reached two years of activity. I think this site evolved so much in these two years, though the core and the heart is still there. I want to thank my friends, my family, BUTAOTOME themselves… Read more »

Important notice

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I currently have some awful issues with my PC, so at the moment I’m writing this in safe mode. I really don’t know when I will be able to solve them: my means are very limited. I apologize for every delay this will cause. In any case, I left some access data to Scott and he’ll try to update this… Read more »

End of the year post

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So… 2016 came to an end. This was a year hard to describe. It had lots of awesome moments, and also a plenty of awful ones. However it was also a special year for Tiramisu Cowboy. The reason I’m writing an end of the year post here and also putting a lot of personal feelings, it’s because this year I’ve… Read more »

BUTAOTOME Live archive – now online.

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After some days, I can finally bring you this: a colored list of every Butaotome liveshow since 2009, with venue and name of the event. Link Sources used: – Butaotome live section on their website – Their old website ( ftw) – Their blog – My memory (l-lol) – This list (ありがとうございます!) There are definitely some holes; the Sis also… Read more »

Tiramisu Cowboy – one year

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The TC Crew: Chibi Muse and Buta, with all the albums I own and were released during this year. I was unable to fit the fanbook in the pic, but at least there is the attached CD…! And here we are. Tiramisu Cowboy reached one year of activity. Time passes… During this year, Butaotome released lots of stuff and many… Read more »

The community strike went away!

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Hey, this is a long video, you know what it means? The community strike finally expired and now I have more freedom with uploading stuff! Party timeeeee :trumpets: As soon as I noticed the channel regained good standing, I uploaded this video, the Nouzui live! One of my favourite Buta liveshows. In the next days I’ll tidy up my live… Read more »