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Touhou Garakuta’s live reports – Flowering Night 2020 (BUTAOTOME part only)

The website Touhou Garakuta Soushi is posting a multi-part review of Flowering Night 2020 from last month. Here is a translation of the BUTAOTOME part! The original post is here. Do not repost this translation without permission.

One Week BUTAOTOME 148: post-Flowering Night update

Flowering Night 2020The live went smoothly! Here is the setlist: Gensou no Satellite Kyouen Soldi Machibito wa Kozu. Mayoigo no Mezame Haru no Yuki Kakoinaki yo wa Ichigo no Tsukikage Occultic Dreamer Mayoigo no Mezame is a song from Oriental Yumekikou that wasn’t played live since 2015 or so. It was brought back in honor of Paprika. During the talks… Read more »

One Week BUTAOTOME 147: Flowering Night is on Saturday, some website updates!

This is a very slow news period in the World of BUTAOTOME… Flowering Night 2020The live is on Saturday 4th at 8:30 AM CEST, and it will be livestreamed on Youtube and Nicovideo! (who still uses Nicovideo in 2020?)This will be BUTAOTOME’s first live of the year, and also the first one without Paprika.Youtube | Nicovideo And that’s all for… Read more »

One Week BUTAOTOME 146: no more lives with Paprika (oh, and new TC layout!)

Tiramisu Cowboy just got a new look! It was something I planned as part of the fifth-anniversary celebration. However, while I was fixing some pages, I was particularly unhappy with the layout, and I decided it was time. I hope you enjoy it! I and the Crew are currently trying to fix some bugs, so wait warmly. BUTAOTOME members have… Read more »

One Week BUTAOTOME 145: take a sip for every time I wrote “livestream” or something similar in this post.

Last week I skipped the weekly recap due to the lack of relevant/important news. But now we are back! Touhou no UtaLast Saturday, Ranko was the guest at the monthly Touhou karaoke show!You can rewatch it here! (embed doesn’t work)Setlist: Soldi Lost Word Chronicle Star Ocean [TaNaBaTa] Toumei Ningen [Tokyo Jihen] Kurenai [X Japan] (Comp) Kyouen With Lost Word Chronicle’s… Read more »

One Week BUTAOTOME 140: Paprika’s departure, Air Comiket albums, etc.

The news of Paprika leaving BUTAOTOME (my comments about it are here) overshadowed pretty much everything else, but we still have some brighter (?) news for this week! Shoujo Rengoku 5 and Touhou Nekokenban 20The new albums are already up to preorder on BOOTH and all the coolest doujin shops! The TC pages have been updated! Shoujo Rengoku 5 |… Read more »