One Week BUTAOTOME 145: take a sip for every time I wrote “livestream” or something similar in this post.

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This is a potato picture.

Last week I skipped the weekly recap due to the lack of relevant/important news. But now we are back!

Touhou no Uta
Last Saturday, Ranko was the guest at the monthly Touhou karaoke show!
You can rewatch it here! (embed doesn’t work)

  1. Soldi
  2. Lost Word Chronicle
  3. Star Ocean [TaNaBaTa]
  4. Toumei Ningen [Tokyo Jihen]
  5. Kurenai [X Japan] (Comp)
  6. Kyouen

With Lost Word Chronicle’s karaoke video, we finally have the lyrics in a proper readable format, so I added them on its page!

Flowering Night 2020 livestream
The event that will probably be BUTAOTOME’s first live of this troubled year has been converted into a “no audience concert”. Tickets will be refunded, and the event will be livestreamed on Youtube and Niconico. URLs be announced in the future.
Flowering Night website

Oh wow, another livestream, and it’s on BUTAOTOME’s official channel!
The other day, Ranko no Ane livestreamed on Youtube a game called Nights into Dreams. The streamo is currently unlisted, but you can (re)watch it here.

GITADORA Matixx & EXCHAIN Livestream Original Soundtrack
The only streaming-unrelated news for today! The tracklist for these two long-awaited OSTs has been published, and, as expected, Deguchi Iriguchi and Toumei Justice are there. XFDs have also been published: Matixx | EXCHAIN
These two albums will be released together on July 15. The official Konami shop only sells them as a bundle, but it seems you can buy them separately in other shops, such as Amazon JP (Matixx EXCHAIN).
I won’t buy them and I don’t know anyone who is planning to do it, so help is appreciated for the lyrics part…

Aaaaand that’s all for this week!