One Week BUTAOTOME 146: no more lives with Paprika (oh, and new TC layout!)

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Researching magic…

Tiramisu Cowboy just got a new look! It was something I planned as part of the fifth-anniversary celebration. However, while I was fixing some pages, I was particularly unhappy with the layout, and I decided it was time. I hope you enjoy it! I and the Crew are currently trying to fix some bugs, so wait warmly.

BUTAOTOME members have been pretty silent lately. I think they are rehearsing for the Flowering Night, among other things.

No more lives with Paprika
The other day the official BUTAOTOME Twitter account announced that Paprika won’t appear at all in future lives, even though she originally said that she would have still appeared in this year’s lives. This is for various reasons, including her being busy with her future projects (I’m wondering what she is doing now, her last Twitter activities are from a month ago… I hope she didn’t become hard to find and got a new alias).
Flowering Night 2020 won’t be just BUTAOTOME’s first live of 2020, but also the first live of the “Paprikaless” era, without the cat.

BOOTH Update
The BUTAOTOME BOOTH is still getting orders, and every 3 days or so Comp notifies us about all the newest orders being shipped! Two new (actually old) items have been added:
Koremade mo BUTAOTOME, Korekara mo BUTAOTOME T-shirt (1350 yen)
Koremade mo BUTAOTOME, Korekara mo BUTAOTOME Towel (850 yen)

Aaaaand that’s all for this week… And for random game recommendations, Persona 4 is on Steam! But since I’m busy with other games and stuff (and Persona games are HHHHHUUUUUGE), the other day I decided to download Helltaker. I’m late to the parties, I know. The game is free and Ane even did a fanart of it so it’s actually related to this website. But Azazel is the best girl.
Okay sorry, I just wanted to fill the post, time to go back into work!