Touhou Garakuta’s live reports – Flowering Night 2020 (BUTAOTOME part only)

The website Touhou Garakuta Soushi is posting a multi-part review of Flowering Night 2020 from last month. Here is a translation of the BUTAOTOME part! The original post is here.

Do not repost this translation without permission.

BUTAOTOME’s past and future

The intro of “Gensou no Satellite” was played as the stage was lit up. From the left of the stage, the bassist Comp, the vocalist Ranko and the performer Ranko no Ane were standing by. The start of the show, which has become a staple of BUTAOTOME’s lives, quickly turned up the heat in the venue. Ranko turned the microphone over the camera and said, “Let me hear your voice!”, agitating everyone in the comments.

This live was streamed on three different platforms: Nico Nico Namahousou, YouTube Live and Periscope. It was not like a real live show where we are all in one place, and we were watching through different sources, but we were still sharing the same time together. “Kyouen” was played to represent such a phenomenon. As they continued with “Solid” without a break, the momentum of the live show reached the maximum speed. Before one knows it, the floor was packed with over 10,000 people.

The following song was “Machibito wa Kozu.”. In normal lives, it’s standard to have the second part of the song as a singalong, but it’s difficult to do it through a livestream.

Nevertheless, Ranko turned the microphone to everyone. That’s because she trusts that the voice will come back to her from behind the camera/screen. The singalong came back as comments in response to her thoughts. For now, it’s in the form of comments. I hope that we can sing “together” again someday.

During the MC, Comp talked about the changes that have happened to BUTAOTOME.

It was announced that the pianist Paprika, a member who was with time since the beginning, would be leaving after this year, and that she would not be performing at the concert. We are sad and happy that Flowering Night 2020 has unexpectedly become the place of a new beginning.

The song following was “Mayoigo no Mezame”. Even though the song was first released in 2011, this is the first time they’ve played it live [Violet’s note: actually not. It was played at least one time before, and the last time was in 2015]. This song is about someone who got lost in a fantasy and then wakes up from it. And it is a song about how everyone is connected to each other through songs.

It was followed by “Haru no Yuki”. On the last refrain, Ranko wailed.

The spring snow is too cold – what begins to end?
The tears rolled down my cheeks, and they can’t be accumulated

This is BUTAOTOME’s own cheer to Paprika. Still, I guess even they can’t get rid of the sadness of separation. A set of conflicting emotions that seem to contradict each other but definitely cohexist, and certainly hit us in our hearts.

“Kakoinaki yo wa Ichigo no Tsukikage” was a number that was played at Flowering Night 2011, when BUTAOTOME partecipated for the first time. On the time, it was sung just like it’s in the booklet, but this time there was this.

In the night of “Flowering Night”, we sing songs

This has been made in the many lives they have made over the past 9 years. “Shibuya’s”, “Uta Matsuri’s”, “Shanghai’s”… The word put instead of “full moon” is a guidepost for BUTAOTOME. In the chorus, the screen was filled with “@” comments which represent towels spinning. We can always be one, no matter where we are.

And then the last song, “Occultic Dreamer”. It’s a new song, and it was the first time it was performed live. An “Occultic Dreamer” is exactly one of those who are involved in Touhou, and of course, everyone who is watching this live is included.

I don’t wanna declare that an excitement that makes you feel like bursting doesn’t exist.
Immediately get rid of your heart that’s thinking “Impossible!”

BUTAOTOME has given us a lot of excitement so far. I’m sure they will continue to be just as exciting, if not more exciting, than ever before. BUTAOTOME doesn’t stop. Today’s stage confirmed that.

In the last half year, the whole idea of live performance and my life have changed a lot. Only six months ago, I was writing a live report in Shanghai and now it’s hard to attend gigs in the country. Music has always been a changeable thing, and bands and circles are always changing. Every time there’s an “important announcement”, we fans are both excited and disturbed.

But some things don’t change. That is, for example, BUTAOTOME being BUTAOTOME. Regardless of major debuts and member changes, BUTAOTOME is BUTAOTOME. The same can be said for other bands, circles and events. And then, I realized that “constant” doesn’t mean “stagnant”. They keep moving, each of them working tirelessly to stay the same.

It’s the same for the Flowering Night. The environment surrounding the show has changed a lot since 2013, but it has been revived this year, unchanged. All of the circles performing today have walked with Touhou for more than 10 years. And they will continue to do so.

Today’s performers are sure to teach us what it means to have a revival that has not changed over the years, and what that means through their live acts.

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