Touhou Garakuta – Flowering Night 2020 (BUTAOTOME part only)

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On August 4, Garakuta published a very small interview with the performing Flowering Night circles, so here is the BUTAOTOME part.

How did you like the stage for Flowering Night 2020?

Ranko: I was really looking forward to doing Flowering Night again and being able to perform again.
Even though it’s ended up like this (streaming without an audience) this time, the fact that we’re doing FloweringNight and being able to perform at it hasn’t changed, so it’s has been a lot of fun. Of course, it would have been even more fun if everyone had been there…! But that’s what I’m hoping to do so that one day I can meet everyone here.

Comp: I would have preferred to do it with people on the floor if possible, but I’m happy to say that Flowering Night is back in 2020, so I’m glad to be on that stage. It was fun to be able to hang out with the rest of the performers, and it’s been a long time since the show itself, so it was fun!

Ranko no Ane: Because we did a non-audience event, I got a lot of responses from people on Twitter who said “I first heard of Flowering Night when I was young, so I’ve never been to see it”, It would be great if people who say “This is the first time I see a (Touhou) live” would want to go next time… well, I hope there are many people who think that (laughs).

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Comp: Nowadays, doujin events and live events are being canceled and not being held as usual, but I think there are many people working in these unseen places, including the circles, so I hope everyone can find their own way to be happy without breaking down.