One Week BUTAOTOME 152: Yume no Hanashi (Touhou Meikasai 14 release) + Tiramisu Cowboy’s 5th anniversary party


Last weekend there was the usual MiniComp show, also known as Touhou no Uta. This time guests were Alstroemeria Records members, and Bad Apple singer nomico sang Soldi and Kyouen! You can (re)watch it here.

Touhou Meikasai 14 release
Today Ranko finally announced the small release that will be distributed this Sunday (August 9) at Meikasai in Nagoya!

The title is “Yume no Hanashi” (ゆめのはなし, dream talks). It’s a collection of short stories written by Ranko based on her lyrics, and with illustrations by Sis. Below is the translated index!

Event price is 500 yen, and it has 84 pages. For those who can’t go to the event (let’s be honest: who is going to doujin events in this current era?), the book will also be sold at BUTAOTOME’s BOOTH shop!

I will try to get it, and I’ll be sure to provide English translation of all of it!

Tiramisu Cowboy’s 5th anniversary
Tomorrow August 6th, TC will celebrate 5 years of activity! To celebrate it, there will be the usual post here, but I will also host a small party in the Discord server. From around 15:00 CEST until midnight, I’ll be in the voice chat. There will be listening and watching parties of old and rare BUTAOTOME and related stuff, and also some idle chats where you can ask me and talk about anything. Maybe also something else!

That’s all for this week, see you tomorrow!

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