Tiramisu Cowboy – five years

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Today, Tiramisu Cowboy celebrates its fifth anniversary of activity. Five years. Now, this is is a great achievement! Five years ago, after I worked on it for about 2 months, this website was finally opened to the public, as a Tumblr blog. It was a simple idea born after browsing some stuff on Touhou Wiki and noticed that Sekkenya had an English fansite. And from there, I realized: “Hey, I follow really closely BUTAOTOME’s activity, and there is a lot of stuff besides releasing albums 3 times per year, I should share all of this to the public.”

For an entire lustrum, I managed to update it almost every day. Sometimes it was a new post. Sometimes it was just fixing a mistake, removing an event from the sidebar, or working on a new page. I tried to make sure that every day I did something for it. Sure, sometimes I took a break, and some other times I was unmotivated because of reasons. But even so, here we are.

Now that I think about it, this year is also 10 years since I’ve got into Touhou. And exactly 10 years ago, or around that time, I was yelling at that Flower of Japan vocal arrangement PV with the “Seihou” tag and not even a VIVIT cameo. Little did I know at the time what the group behind that video would have become for me.

Touhou and BUTAOTOME are the two most influential things in my life, and sometimes I wonder what would have happened if on that fateful day I decided to not check what was the original source of that Rozen Maiden video. They both gave me a lot of things, I learned a lot, I met a lot of people and made dear friends. I want to thank Ranko, Comp, The Sis, and also Paprika for all the awesome music, arts, funny things, and bacon, ZUN for all his creations, and for still making characters, music, and games that manage to catch my heart, and also that poor Amusement Makers/Shunsatsu sare do? guy for creating some of the characters I still deeply think about even today. But moreover, I want to thank my boyfriend, my friends and various supporters, because it’s mainly thanks to them if, after five and ten years, I’m still here, updating this website and deeply invested into Touhou.

Who knows where I’ll be in the next 5 years. But as long as The Pig will still be active, I want to keep doing my job as usual. New pages, new translations, new reviews, and new features will arrive in the future! I still have a lot to do! But first, I need to focus on the latest Cannonball event.

That’s all for this yearly rambling. As I said in the previous post, I’m currently organizing a small anniversary party in the Discord server where we listen to and watch old and rare stuff, so come join the fun!