One Week BUTAOTOME 153: Yume no Hanashi ENG/ITA translation project, Touhou Garakuta’s interview with Ranko, etc.


Yume no Hanashi
Meikasai went fine, Ranko’s collection of stories is on BOOTH and you can still order it! Most of the orders have been shipped already, and my copy already arrived at Tenso, ready to be shipped to Italy! Once it will arrive, I’ll be sure to start translating all of it… but with a different twist this time. The book will have two translations: in English (as usual) and in Italian (as a personal challenge)!

Interview with Ranko (and friends)
Touhou Garakuta Soushi published a 3 part interview with Ranko, Hotaru “Even the girls want her” Murasaki from EastNewSound and Sakiko from Girls Logic Observatory. Some interesting fun facts about our singer include:

  • Ranko’s parents were both otaku, her mother was a fujoshi
  • Her favorite Touhou arrangement among those she did/sung herself is Utakata. She also loves Bad Apple!! and she was very happy to get the chance to sing it for Alstroemeria Records’ 10th anniversary Bad Apple compilations.
  • She is currently into BTS and Fate. Thanks to BTS, she started to learn Korean.
  • Her first doujin creations were about pop’n’music.
  • Her favorite Touhou pairings besides ReiMari are TeruMoko, MokoKene, MayuKeiki, SeiYoshi and recently also SakiYachie

The interview will be entirely translated, however, I won’t publish it until next week. This Friday’s big article slot is already filled with something else! (I wanted to take a break from big translations before starting with Yume no Hanashiiiii fuck you garakutaaaaa…)

Touhou Spell Bubble’s physical release
The rhythmical Touhou Puzzle Bubble for Nintendo Switch will get a physical edition for the Asian markets! It will be published by Arc System Works and released in Fall 2020. It will also include subtitles in Chinese, Korean, and English!
Arc System Works website

And that’s all for this week!

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