One Week BUTAOTOME 140: Paprika’s departure, Air Comiket albums, etc.

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The news of Paprika leaving BUTAOTOME (my comments about it are here) overshadowed pretty much everything else, but we still have some brighter (?) news for this week!

Shoujo Rengoku 5 and Touhou Nekokenban 20
The new albums are already up to preorder on BOOTH and all the coolest doujin shops! The TC pages have been updated! Shoujo Rengoku 5 | Touhou Nekokenban 20
On BUTAOTOME’s BOOTH, you can also get a super special set with all the 20 Nekokenbans. There have been lots of orders for it already! Also, I just realized that the very first Nekokenban has been finally reprinted, even though you can only get it through the set…

Flowering Night 2020
The historical Touhou live event will be back this year on July 4 at Kawasaki CLUB CITTà! BUTAOTOME is in the lineup! Tickets will go on sale from May 2 on Melonbooks.
However, as it’s mentioned on the official website, there are always chances of a delay, cancellation, or the live being held without a physical audience.

GITADORA Matixx & EXCHAIN Original Soundtrack
KONAMI announced the long-awaited release of the OST for two iterations of their guitar/bass/drums rhythm game. It’s expected to be released on July 15. There is no tracklist at the moment, but it will probably include the songs Deguchi Iriguchi and Toumei Justice!
Konami Style

“LostWord has officially become the Duke Nukem Forever of gachas” (Lokamp)
So, in last week’s recap, I talked about Touhou Lost Word, its release planned this month, and how I kinda expected to be delayed again due to the hard times we are currently into. Aaaaand it happened. (okay, now let’s hope the final game won’t be as bad as DNF)
Lost Word’s tweet

And that’s all for this week!