Paprika’s message about leaving BUTAOTOME

Original message

I’m sorry for this sudden announcement now.

I, Paprika, will leave BUTAOTOME in 2020.

The reason is that there are musical activities that I really want to try as a solo pianist, and I have a strong desire to set up a base overseas.

After last year’s BUTAOTOME 10th anniversary, and after I reached the conclusion that “if I want to rechallenge, I can do it only now”; after discussing with the other members, they felt the attitude of “respecting the person’s thoughts” and concluded that I would have left BUTAOTOME.

Through BUTAOTOME’s doujin activities and lives, I’ve met many people and had a lot of experiences, and these are a treasure to me.

It’s sad to say that it will become hard to meet not only the other members but also the people I’ve met, but I’m planning to continue my musical activities in the future, taking advantage of the experience I’ve gained through my activities.

Although I do not know how the current live activity will be affected by the Coronavirus, I’m planning to basically appear in the BUTAOTOME lives that will be made during 2020.

Regarding the “Touhou Nekokenban” series, “Touhou Nekokenban 20”, which will be released at C98 Air Comiket, will be the last work.

I think that I have been able to do it for the past 10 years because of all the support I got from all the people who went to spot sales and lives, all the staff and all the people who listened to the CDs.

Thank you for reading until now. Thank you very much.
Thank you for your continued support for BUTAOTOME.


Update: Contrary to what previously stated, Paprika won’t appear on future live performances, including any live planned for this year. This is due to various reasons, including her current activities outside of BUTAOTOME. What she is doing now is currently unknown/undisclosed.