Welcome to Tiramisu Cowboy 3.0!

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And finally, I’m proud to open to public the new Tiramisu Cowboy website! This time I bought a web space and I transferred most of the website content over here. The news section is managed with WordPress. I still need to fix some things, but at the current state the website can be considered accessible. Also, please report if there is any bug, by contacting me or writing a comment here!

So, why did I decide to abandon Tumblr? Well, because that platform, while being completely free, gave me a bunch of problems over the years. It didn’t give me much freedom. Buying a space in the internet was something I wanted to do since a lot of time. When Tumblr added the porn ban, I thought it was time to do the big move. While I don’t post NSFW content, I still felt the need to move away. If Tumblr shuts down, then Tiramisu Cowboy would have been taken off as well, and better safe than sorry!

A special shout out goes to mr.deagle. Seriously, without his help the migration wouldn’t have been possible. He managed a lot of the more technical stuff, so I want to thank him again!

With this, I’m happy to end this 2018 in a great style. It was… a normal year for myself. As usual, a lot of things happened. Special things also happened. I don’t have too much to say… I just want to thank my boyfriend, my friends and all the people who supported me, who filled this year with great memories. I promise I will do my best for next year.

As for BUTAOTOME, I feel like this was a year of transition for them, a filler year before the big stuff that will happen next year, with their 10th anniversary. There was a lot of focus on Touhou, with double vocal albums and lots of Touhou-only lives, and barely anything new from the major/original side, except for some music game songs and the elfin’ song. I hope next year we’ll get a good balance of these two sides but moreover they’ll give out their best!

Ps: this won’t be the last post of the year. There are still the live stats to be posted, but they’ll arrive after Comiket!