BUTAOTOME 2018 live stats

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Aaaaand here we are. We didn’t get any live this month, so I could have posted them much earlier, but anyway.

As usual, bold is for the most played songs (Touhou, original), while italic is for the songs that got their first live performance during this year.

  1. Gensou no Satellite x23
  2. Mesen x23
  3. Machibito wa Kozu. x19
  4. Furubokko x15
  5. Trauma Recorder x15
  6. Ikiru no ga Heta na dake x15
  7. Kakoinaki yo wa Ichigo no Tsukikage x15
  8. Solid x12
  9. Saru x10
  10. Zurezure na Hibi x10
  11. Hakanaki Mono Ningen x8
  12. Ikkagetsu x7
  13. Yodare x7
  14. Panorama x6
  15. Fusoku Hokou x6
  16. Kyouen x6
  17. Inzen x6
  18. Sharekoube x5
  19. Fabulous x5
  20. Tiramisu Cowboy x4 :goldensad:
  21. Radical Shoujo x4
  22. Hakusen x4
  23. Gekkou x4
  24. Circus x3
  25. Fuwari Kakusei x3
  26. Nai. x3
  27. Y x3
  28. Warp On x3
  29. Rougetsu x3
  30. Eien ni Tsudzuku Yume x3
  31. Yumezakura x2
  32. Kyoai x2
  33. Haruka Tooi Sora no Koe x2
  34. Panorama Girl x2
  35. Kasho no Yume x2
  36. Yurara Kamishibai x2
  37. Ashita no Kako x2
  38. Chuudou Hokou x2
  39. Sleep Junkie x2
  40. Chiguhagu na Sekai x2
  41. Hikkyou Joubutsu x2
  42. Itami Honpo
  43. Yuukeimukei
  44. Motelab.
  45. The fear is oneself
  46. Unmei no Wa
  47. Aoi Miren, Aoi Namida
  48. Yume janai Nanika
  49. Ikiru
  50. Revoleader Align
  51. Itsumo no Futari
  52. Moonstone
  53. Pyrite
  54. Ondeko no Namida
  55. Minna no
  56. Hito no Tame
  57. Yakeru you na Aka de
  58. Mirai
  59. Chosha Fumei wa Tayasuku Nusumareru
  60. Shikaban Hyakkiyakou Emaki
  61. Karisome no Seven Wonder
  62. Sakebe
  63. Good Meister
  64. Sorairo Ribbon
  65. ETSU
  66. Munmun Manman
  67. Touhou Youyoumu [Sekkenya cover]

I think one of the fondest BUTAOTOME-related memories I have from this year is the whole live stats making. This year I tried to build them as soon as a new setlist was published. I saw how the original/major songs were above the Touhou songs during the first part of the year. And more importantly, I saw how Mesen, a simple song from a newly released album, managed to rise above everything else, challenging the 2010 hits that will never be abandoned and even getting the first place, sometimes even above the undroppable Gensou no Satellite. The Mesen VS GenSate duel almost became a topic in my community. I even made a couple of memes about it… I was not really fond of the Aun song earlier in the year, but now I admit it has a special spot thanks to my wonderful Scott and these live stats. I thought it would have been cool to see a different song in the number one spot, and even if it ended with a draw I’m still happy!

Special thanks to all the people who posted BUTAOTOME setlists on Twitter, in particular to Ark Lucifead (for being faster than the Butaotome members for posting them) and Comp (who kindly posted one of the non-Japanese setlists when I asked him). Now, to another year full of lives!