End of the year post

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Recommended BGM: Shunshuu, final track of Giji Kazoku Nyuumon (even if it’s maybe a bit out of season).

And another year is ending.
It was a very important year for BUTAOTOME, with their major debut!! But what about this website? Looking back to what I have done for it, I can see how much I improved the contents: I wrote lots of articles, with some of them I’m really proud of. But especially, I feel like I’ve put my personal feelings even more, with the introduction of the weekly recaps and trying to give more discussion points. It might be a natural consequence of how much I take seriously this project. Maybe a bit too much. It’s something I care a lot about, even though it doesn’t bring me anything to improve my real life situation.

Here are some of my favourite articles I wrote this year:
Furubokko and Trauma Recorder’s reviews
– The live-related posts, but especially the staple songs list
– The getting started guide, which also got retweeted by the official BUTAOTOME Twitter account
– The “how to buy” guide
– and at last, a small thing I wrote yesterday as description for the video to celebrate Chess’ fifth anniversary.
Feel free to give a read if you missed them. There are various other articles and also sections I’m happy I’ve wrote, but I feel this is my “best” selection.

Now, to the list of thanks:

BUTAOTOME. I got multiple hints this year that you observe my work, beyond the simple approvation. I don’t know how much you (can) read my stuff, but anyway.
The fact that the official creators trust you is a sign that you must improve your work. This also makes you a bit more conscientious and try to enter their mindset even when they make something you don’t like. Even though there are still things I don’t understand (laughs). But in any case, I still hate to make dumb mistakes and misinformation.
Thank you for releasing Trauma Recorder this year, as well as all the other good things. I hope one day I’ll finally see you live, and we’ll meet.

That adorable crazy guy named Scott. If I have to be honest, I’m glad I’ve created this website because I’ve found you (or better, you found me). Thank you for always being by my side, for everything you did for me… and for creating Chibi Ranko and ruining my sleep schedule (laughs).
I can’t wait for March, when you’ll visit me.

Jordi, who is costantly supporting my work. Even if sometimes you feel you can’t do enough, I want to thank you a lot for your thoughts and for being a great friend. *hugs*

Thanks to my dear friends I always talk with on Discord: Jae, Draco, Shion, Robin, Jan, felys, Michael… You all helped me in a way or another and it’s always great to chat about many things and have laughs with you.

And at last, thanks to all the readers.

I don’t know what 2018 will bring to us, but I’m very positive about it and I wish you an awesome year! Let’s go!