Weekly recap 26: karaoke and lots of live news

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After a pause of one week, the weekly recap is back, with its first 2018 episode! There was no livestream today, I guess they are preparing for the tour.

If you are wondering what the hell is that screen above… well, it has been announced that BUTAOTOME will play live at Touhou Hit Parade in April, live event organized by Karento and Tamaonsen! That screen was made by my friend Jordi during a livestreamed concert of that series. I don’t know if this one will be livestreamed.

And speaking of livestreamed concerts… It has been announced that BUTAOTOME will be a bi-monthly staple for this year’s season of Touhou LIVE BOX NEXT! It’s currently unknown if they’ll play this month or in February. The Touhou Live Boxes take place in Akihabara every fourth Friday of the month and they are also livestreamed on Melonbooks’ Youtube channel. Please note that they delete the streams after a while.

Trauma Recorder tour finally starts this week! The Pig will be in Niigata on Saturday (the venue is called GOLDEN PIGS lololol). Then on Monday, they’ll be in Shinjuku, for a live unrelated to the tour.

Moving on to other news, the six songs from Trauma Recorder have been added on KaraTetsu, for your karaoke pleasures in Japan! I don’t know when they have been added: there was no official announcement and I found them some days ago from some pics posted by Japanese fans.

And that’s all for this week!

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