Tiramisu Cowboy – seven years

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Another year of activity has passed. And today, this website turns seven years old. A certain doctor once said that “seven is the maximum measure of anything” (okay, this is a reference that only Italian people will get). But it doesn’t really apply to a music group whose most albums have eight tracks.

Well, usually in this type of post I write about how much time has passed, and how much I improved. Kind of cliche talks. However, this year is a special one, since it marks my 10th anniversary as a BUTAOTOME fan.

Honestly, I don’t know how I should feel about it. Some things will accompany me forever, and this simple doujin circle has become one of them. I have no other thoughts. Head empty. Brain fried by the summer heat. Stay hydrated.

What will happen in the next 10 years? Who knows. I expect a lot of changes all around me and in the worlds I observe. I just hope I will still be alive and happy with the person I love :bibi:, and that I have been able to meet BUTAOTOME. These are my wishes, I don’t have many ambitions.

Tiramisu Cowboy will continue until BUTAOTOME is no more and there will be absolutely nothing to say about them. Now that the lyrics translation saga is ended*, I can better focus on future articles. With the upcoming album being a re-recording one (the official announcement should be tomorrow btw), there is not much to say about it, so I can give the spotlight to some older works instead… Oh, and a certain album will get a review at the end of the year, and it will serve as a culmination of my 10th anniversary celebration.

As usual, for today I’ll hold a small anniversary party on Tiramisu Cowboy’s Discord server. I’ll be in the voice chat for most of the afternoon/evening (European timezone), where we can listen to stuff, or you can ask me something.

Thank you for supporting this website! Now, time to reach the 10th anniversary with it!


3 thoughts on “Tiramisu Cowboy – seven years

  1. fanfan

    here’s hoping to plenty more years of butaotome to enjoy!

    Just curious, but i was wondering what other touhou doujin music circles do you enjoy as well?

    1. VioletTiramise Post author

      Thanks for your comment!

      Well, my top 3 circle is this
      1. BUTAOTOME (ofc)
      2. Secret Messenger [no longer Touhou, but it’s the other doujin circle I regularly buy their albums when they are released. I have been following Yuy (the arranger/composer)’s activities ever since I first discovered t=NODE in 2010, but I think their current original stuff is better]
      3. Diao ye zong [I love them especially for RD’s storytelling and attention to the Touhou lore]

      I also enjoy Minstrel (inactive…), <echo>PROJECT/Aftergrow (as well as most groups with Hiratake and Mano as guest arrangers), Inorai, ZYTOKINE, Shinra-Bansho when they aren’t busy doing stuff with Beatmario, Konpeki Studio (AoCF album when).

      I also tend to gravitate towards ZUN’s Music Collection arrangements, even though I will eternally complain about the excessive number of RenMerry relationship songs :°D

      1. fanfan

        Ooh, I see! We have a lot of similar favourites. Also hoping to see more from Konpeki sometime!

        Cannot relate to last point though. Can never be enough shoujo hifuu club arranges in the world 😉

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