One Week BUTAOTOME 209: the end of the translation saga, Comiket 100 release, Touhou Arcadia Record…

Wow, we finally have a good chunk of news!

Major website update – every song is translated!

So… today I bring you the following translated albums: Present, Eight, and Epitaph.
With this update, every single BUTAOTOME song is translated*! It took one year and a half, and here we are! Now this page is closer to the general list of songs… Only the future is missing, as well as songs without official lyrics… but they will be eventually done!

*currently untranslated stuff:
– I LOVE RED and I LOVE CHERRY: lower priority due to their different writing style and being pretty unpopular overall. You know, I might do them since (spoiler alert) the C100 album won’t have any new lyrics… But no big rush.
– Comp’s elfin songs: same as above.
– Lost Word songs: the game has an official English release, with also English translations for the PV songs, so I just copypaste them from the videos with credits. However, Sayonara wa Dokoka Aoi is not translated. I think it’s their responsibility to translate it, not mine.

Comiket 100 release

BUTAOTOME’s Comiket 100 release is entirely done, as Comp tweeted early today! The album is already up on doujin shops, but I will make the big post about it once it’s officially announced (with freebies and co.). I will warn you: do not expect new music. If you want to be fully spoiled, just click here. Melonbooks and Akiba-Hobby also have the XFD.

Hey, it’s another event without an Enigmatic Doll arrangement… #MuseDeservesHerButaSong

Touhou gachas come and go

Touhou Danmaku Kagura announced its end of service, I went into more details in this post. The game will still be updated until the end of October, but there will be nothing new on the Pig front.

Meanwhile, Touhou Arcadia Record has been released! You can download it on the Japanese App Store or Google Play or use QooApp. There is no new BUTAOTOME song other than the instrumental History of the Moon arrangement Seijaku na Yume and the Innocent Treasures arrangement Shoukei Doukei (but there is also an off-vocal version of the latter).
I won’t write a full review like I did last year with DanKagu. I think it’s a nice game overall (also very mobile emulator friendly), and I would recommend giving it a try. But I still don’t think it will last a long time, especially with the shady behind-the-scenes stuff. But hey, at least it has the best ad ever.

The game had a pre-release stream with live performances of the circles who made vocal songs of the game, so we got a small Buta live! They played Kyouen and Doukei (this is where we learned its official name).

Hifuu live has been saved

BUTAOTOME is part of the lineup of Ano Hi Mita Gensou chapter.7! It’s a live event that focuses exclusively on Hifuu Club songs. It will be held on September 10 at Kyoto FANJ. Tickets will be on sale tomorrow here. You can also buy a streaming ticket in case you can’t go to the live for any reason (including “I live overseas”)!

Albums on streaming services

Some old albums with tracks that are related to this website got added to Spotify and co. Namely, Feuille-Morte’s Fantasia (tracks 4 and 9 have Ranko vocals) and the maimai OSTs (with Yumehanabi and Ichi ka Bachi) (Ichi ka Bachi is misspelled as Ichi ka Batsu because SGEA quality)

And that’s all for this update! Next week is TC’s 7th anniversary, aaaaaaaa…

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