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Tiramisu Cowboy’s post-C100 update

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Comiket 100 has ended! As you can see from the picture above, I got the Retake+ set! Special thanks to Banbeucmas (from Banbeucmas Hobby Lounge) for getting it for me! I will translate the contents of the afterword book as soon as possible. Regarding the album itself… I decided I won’t write a review. This is my form of protest… Read more »

Comiket 100 release: Retake+

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Comiket 100 is on August 14, and BUTAOTOME will bring something… not so new!The only release planned for this event is Retake+ (りていく+), an album focused on re-recorded versions of old classics (basically 2010 hits + Hakanaki Mono Ningen). It also includes off-vocal versions. 幻想のサテライト 2022 | Gensou no Satellite 2022 [Tenkuu no Greenwich] 儚きもの人間 2022 | Hakanaki Mono Ningen… Read more »

One Week BUTAOTOME 209: the end of the translation saga, Comiket 100 release, Touhou Arcadia Record…

Wow, we finally have a good chunk of news! Major website update – every song is translated! So… today I bring you the following translated albums: Present, Eight, and Epitaph.With this update, every single BUTAOTOME song is translated*! It took one year and a half, and here we are! Now this page is closer to the general list of songs…… Read more »

One Week BUTAOTOME 206: Comiket 100, Fabulous PV, etc.

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Let’s start with personal and website news: I will move out to a new home in September! I will probably take a couple of weeks of half-break during that month.In the meantime, the quest of translating every single BUTAOTOME album and song* is slowly reaching its end… and we are at the beginning! Touhou Kaiten Mokuba has been fully translated~Also,… Read more »