Tiramisu Cowboy’s post-C100 update

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Comiket 100 has ended!

As you can see from the picture above, I got the Retake+ set! Special thanks to Banbeucmas (from Banbeucmas Hobby Lounge) for getting it for me! I will translate the contents of the afterword book as soon as possible.

Regarding the album itself… I decided I won’t write a review. This is my form of protest towards Buta making yet another event-only set with no mail order option (the first time was for C99). Event-only stuff has always been part of the doujin culture, as an incentive for people to go to the events, but it kind of died due to the pandemic. Most popular circles now offer limited-time BOOTH pre-orders, or Fanbox-exclusive order options to the people who can’t go to the events (not necessarily overseas people). We are still in a pandemic, and Japan’s Coronavirus cases are going up like crazy.

The Pig probably has its legit reason for keeping the set event-only, but I’m still disappointed. Especially since this one includes an afterword book, and I crave anything that can be translated…
Retake+’s missing review is not a big loss since it’s a re-recording album, but I still had a few things to say about it, and I think there are some interesting points to discuss.

You know… it could have been worse. They could have announced a limited single on the day before the event… Brrr… (and yes, a certain popular circle that recently returned actually did that)

….oh. Just right when I was going to publish this post, Ranko posted this on the Fanbox. Translation of the relevant bit:

We still have a few of the venue-only sets, but it’s too complicated to do mail order, so I’m hoping to bring them to an event somewhere again. If it’s not possible, maybe we can just publish the afterword book on FAN BOX sometime in the future (just an idea).

Currently reconsidering my choice. Maybe Retake+ will get a review!

Other news

Ranko recorded something… Yumehanabi will be added to Ongeki… There is a live next Saturday and you can still buy a streaming ticket

Regarding this website, the list of songs has been updated by including a new table for re-recorded songs! I’ve also added translations for Gensou Shinwa from Sadistic Brownie and the two elfin’ songs! The I LOVE tracks will be translated before the end of the year, so I can finally remove the asterisk from “every BUTAOTOME song is translated*”! I’m also working on some articles and other stuff, hopefully at least one of them will be out before the end of the month.

Aaaand that’s all for today!